View Full Version : Andover C Mk 1 XS600

2nd Jul 2015, 00:51
This ancient aircraft resides in the Christchurch Air Museum after sterling service with the RAF and RNZAF.

The curators of the museum are trying to improve their knowledge on the history of the aircraft during its RAF days which were spent on the OCU.

If any aircrew from that period would care to add details from their logbooks or photographs this would be greatly appreciated.

A great museum and worth a visit. Generous too as I got a free ride in the Mosquito simulator after showing that way back in September 1966, I did my first "solo" on type in that aircraft!

2nd Jul 2015, 22:43
The Andover did survive the quake but a Vampire hanging in the entrance swung so much that it's tail hit the wall.

XS 600's engines were swapped for an unserviceable pair so they may still be flying somewhere.