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27th Jun 2015, 16:40
Anyone know if the Wildenrath OMQs are still standing and if so are they accessible to the general public. Likewise is RAFH Wegberg still there.

28th Jun 2015, 01:19
I'd be interested in this info too - I was born in RAFH Wegberg (in 1963!)


28th Jun 2015, 08:58
RAF Hospital Wegberg. Roughly speaking - 1996 RAF to MOD and downscaled. 2010 passed to locals, now empty but apparently used sometimes for heavy police or security training.

P6 Driver
28th Jun 2015, 09:50
Google Earth could be your friend on this query.

28th Jun 2015, 15:26
Thanks for the suggestion. I have looked at Google Earth and OMQs are still shown. But I'm not sure of when the images date from

terrain safe
28th Jun 2015, 16:50
My wife was born in Wegburg in 1964. We went there last November to have a look as she had never been back since then. It is all closed off, you cannot get too close. If you find the cafe by the lake you will then find a path up to the hospital about a 1/4 of a mile away. Drive up there and park at the fence with the guard house still there. Climb through and I reckon that the hospital is about 500 yards further up the road. It was derelict when we went and is probably gone now. Bit of a shame as it was the local mental health hospital until about 5 years ago.

28th Jun 2015, 20:00
Looking at googlemaps, the airfield at Wildenrath has been replaced by what looks like a 1:1 scale train set, complete with oval track; no sign of anything like MQ,s but then I don't know where they were.

28th Jun 2015, 20:27
Thanks Chevron. It was a test ground and railtrack for Siemens. Google Earth does still show the OMQs but as I mentioned earlier I'm not sure when the Googl images date from

29th Jun 2015, 19:39
Was there last year, airmens and Rodneys married quarters still lived in, GSO has gone all fenced off, we went over to the patch via the path at the back of the cafe (old Guardroom) over the bridge , through the woods alongside where GSO used to be into the quarters, found our old AMQ, new school been built (we used to live opposite the school in AMQ) they have not changed other than in far better condition than when we lived there (1967 - 70) still quite a lot of recognisable features, barrack blocks,SNCO Mess, airmens mess etc still there as is old barrack stores building etc, best way into MQ's is via the Peterscholz gate (pig farm still there !) couldn't get near Wegberg, our Son was born there Feb 70, Hangars still standing (14 / 17 / 60 and ASF) but airfield closed off as above poster, giant railway track for Siemens Schuckert, testing Maglev train when we visited - awful quick as well !, nostalgia not what it used to be !. PH.

30th Jun 2015, 13:48
Thanks Zetec. I was there on RAFG Comm Sqn, latterly 60 Sqn from 67-71. Son born at Wegberg March 71. Planning to visit June next year so your info most helpful

30th Jun 2015, 15:52
Second son born Wegberg Aug 72.

1st Jul 2015, 18:21

If you're going back, you might like to browse these links if you don't already have them ...

Report - - RAF(H) Wegberg - Germany - July 2014 | 28DaysLater.co.uk (http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/raf-h-wegberg-germany-july-2014.t91124)

GERMANY - Wildenrath (http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?6312-GERMANY-Wildenrath)

Wildenrath (http://www.forgottenairfields.com/germany/north-rhine-westphalia/cologne/wildenrath-s448.html)

I note the old Wegberg airstrip is still operational - ;)


Happy hunting ! ......... LFH

1st Jul 2015, 20:37
Thanks Lordflasheart. Very helpful links

3rd Jul 2015, 16:28
Brings back memories - I was born there in 1960. Another Brit born abroad.

3rd Jul 2015, 17:47
Brings back memories - I was born there in 1960. Another Brit born abroad.

It is indeed a curious thing to be born in another country, but by quirk of diplomatic and territorial law, the place within which you are born is 'another country'. Bloody Germans, the lot of yer! :E A friend played a round of golf on the 'airfield' a year or so back and said it felt strange, like they were trespassing. Here's a short film of the last few families moving out in 2012.



5th May 2016, 13:09
This is my first posting to the group. I am no pilot but the daughter of an RAF doctor researching into our past! How I got past the questions on bits of an aircraft in the spam test I will never know, but here we are. Interested in RAF Wegberg as I am about to go through all my father's old films, photos etc (he took many photos). Wegberg was a posting we had 1954-56 (I was a toddler but do have a few memories even though) and my brother was born there 1955.

5th May 2016, 19:32
Hmm, hospital built in 111 days - not a PFI then........................

5th May 2016, 19:40
Completely off thread....but
I went to Wegberg in c 1975 for some medical test (can't remember what for) but at the time I owned a shotgun which had lead marks on the right hand barrel which I tried,many times, unsuccessfully, to remove. Someone told me that mercury would dissolve it - if I could get any. I went, on my Wegberg visit, on the offchance, to the Dispensary, and asked them if they had any. They did and gave me some. No health and safety then ! It removed the 'leading' and many years later gave the mercury to a chap who repaired barometers.

6th May 2016, 14:28
What was probably the first step in the reduction to eventual closure of RAF(H) Wegberg took place, as I recall, in around July 1993, when both Officers' and Sergeants' Messes there were closed and amalgamated with their opposite numbers at Rheindahlen. (A recommendation to that effect had been on the table for some time after a Parliamentary group had got very upset at the degree of overlap perceived on the provision of facilities at both locations, and a time came when it could no longer be put off.) I cannot speak with certainty about how the SNCOs' merger went but, after an initial and very shortlived resentment at having to move, the PMRAF nursing officers revelled in the change and, for a year or more, the Churchill Mess was a very lively place to be! (The move came as HQ RAFG closed and the HQ Mess became joint Army/RAF, under that new title.)