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Cheshire cat EGHH
12th Jun 2002, 22:47
Hey there PPRuNe land its another one of my sober posts so listen up.

I am moving to Florida quite soon, I have managed to find somewhere to live, but I am finding it impossible to find a car, everything is HUGE and i mean huge, they are all big estate cars.

I cant hire a car when i am out there, so i am pretty kean to get the issue sorted before i go.

Also would appreciate if anyone could recommend a good flight school on the East/south coast.

james lully
13th Jun 2002, 01:01
There are plenty used cars in Florida. Do not rush into a car when you just arrive in a new place. However if you are desperated. My girl friend's 1989 Toyota Camary is for sale. It is in very nice condition and has 116000 miles on it. We are asking for US$ 2500. If you are interested please email me.

13th Jun 2002, 02:20
Use www.autotrader.com

or find the local newspaper online, wednesday and sunday are the best days to search the classifieds in the usa.

use search function to find a school, cant recommend or give experiences here as it will get deleted. use search function on pprune, you will be able to find some info that will help you on schools.

goodluck, do your research and dont get burnt

13th Jun 2002, 03:23
Cat - what do you want to do at the flight school?

Teach something or learn something? JAA or FAA?

Where will you be - the East coast is very long!!

13th Jun 2002, 04:48

You haven't been looking hard enough if you have already determined that "huge estate cars" are the only cars available.

We do drive small/economy cars here in Florida.

To which part of Florida are you moving?

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