View Full Version : Hawker Hurricane on the move by road (M11)

19th Jun 2015, 17:44
A typically busy and stressful Friday morning journey down the M11 to Stansted this morning was brightened up by a Dismantled Hurricane being driven Northbound just south of Duxford.

Didn't see much, but the sqn aircraft ident next to the roundel was "A".

Anyone have an idea of the background to this lovely aircraft? Took my mind off broken Falcons and GLEXs for a minute -thanks for that :)


India Four Two
20th Jun 2015, 06:27
Probably not the same aircraft, but I see there is a Hurricane II, coded DT A in the Pima museum. However, these were the markings of one of Bob Stanford Tuck's aircraft, so perhaps they are popular markings for a restored Hurricane.

20th Jun 2015, 08:32
As a young boy I read 'Fly For Your Life' and that was one of those defining moments.

20th Jun 2015, 10:09
Wasn't a plastic display one, was it?

23rd Jun 2015, 18:59
I was going south on the M11 from Stansted to North Weald and I also saw the Hurricane, which I thought was a GRP replica, it was followed by a Bf109 also thought to be a GRP replica both heading North.

G-ANPK (North Weald Marshalling Team)