View Full Version : Dave Tallichet storage yard at Barstow

T J Johansen
8th Jun 2015, 19:35

I am looking for anyone who might have visited the old yard Dave Tallichet (MARC/ YAF) had at Barstow - Daggett previously. There are some photo groups from 1978 on Flickr (shot within days of each other), but I'd like to know more about this operation.

It seems that the compound between the wooden bays where these aircraft were kept was cleaned out prior to 1980, with only a couple aircraft still sitting outside. Then again there were some aircraft lost in a hangar fire in 1987.

Any information regarding this would be welcome.


T J Johansen

9th Jun 2015, 03:32
These folks have run the FBO there for many years, pretty sure they can help you.
E-Mail Address [email protected]

T J Johansen
14th Jun 2015, 04:47
Tried sending an e-mail, but it bounced. You don't have any other alternative?