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1st Jun 2015, 16:22
Dear fellow PPRuNers,

I have unfortunately missed the boat to purchase tickets online for the Cosford Airshow on 14th June. There are some tickets available still, but these have to be purchased from a local Co-op branch in the Midlands and I'm nowhere near it!

I know I'll sound stupid for asking, but would anyone be willing to pick me up two tickets and post them to me if I send you the via PayPal? Beer included!

Info is available here: http://www.cosfordairshow.co.uk/retail.php



1st Jun 2015, 17:22
Hi Jamie,

I don't live far out of Wem and I'll be popping there tomorrow afternoon, then could get them in the post for you Wednesday 1st class.

2nd Jun 2015, 09:21
Hi KidInk,

Thanks for that, I've dropped you a PM.



Old and Horrified
9th Jun 2015, 09:54
For those who can't get tickets for Cosford, on the same day there is the annual Welshpool airshow which, while smaller, has some interesting aircraft due to fly including the Vulcan, Eurofighter and (weather permitting) up to nine WW1 aircraft performing their "dogfight" routine (one better than Cosford!)