View Full Version : Israeli Air Force Me-109

I. M. Esperto
11th Jun 2002, 16:51

Used during the War for Independence.

There were probably some interesting dogfight at that time, such as Me-109 vs Me-109, and Spitfire vs Spitfire.

12th Jun 2002, 10:44
Spitfire vs Spitfire. Have a look at this


and this:-


Also, have a look at a thread from January of this year called True Stories (I can never post links to threads)

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12th Jun 2002, 12:07
Yep, the S-199 was a real dog..........Jumo 211 engine because they couldn't get DB605's - probably flew nothing like a real 109, so it would have been at a real disadvantage against a Spitfire...

20th Jun 2002, 18:13
can i be really pedantic and point out that the 109 was the bf109? it was the last messerschmitt design to use the bf designation , i think im right in saying that bf stands for bayern flugzeug or something like that! from the 110 they used me. sorry to be pedantic!