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Ai Start
9th Oct 2001, 18:57
Following the 'black Tuesday Sept 11th?' Charter Brokers both working with CARGO and PAX seem to be doing well. Particularly the VIP sector. Has anyone noticed in the papers the amount of part-share, full charter adverts for executive jets? Check Sunday Times, next week end. Fat cats don't want to fly scheduled any longer.

And what about the Cargo Charter Brokers? Is Air Partner going anywhere?

-The Higher You Get-The Higher You Get?

10th Oct 2001, 13:06
Brokers allegedly are doing very including air partner who have bene doing some relief flights for various governments. As it stands it seems as brokers are doing good.

Some of the major cargo airlines are feeling the pinch! I have heard that that Air cARGO SALES MANAGERS have been given a 15% pay cut and an air charter manager asked to leave.

Made Guy
10th Oct 2001, 13:59
They seem to be doing ok and, do not expect to be adversley affected by current events.

From Ananova this morning;

Air Partner says US terror attacks will fuel charter demand

Air Partner says it expects the US terror attacks to boost demand for corporate charter jets.

It says advance bookings are up 15%, as businessmen become more vigilant about who they travel with.

Air Partner says full-year pre-tax profits fell to 2.2 million, from 2.7 million.

Group sales increased by 21% to 89.2 million.

The world's biggest corporate air charter broker says demand for air travel declined in 2001 following the slump in the world's financial markets.

Chairman Tony Mack says: "The tragic events of September 11 have damaged the perception of the safety of air travel, especially scheduled flights.

"At Air Partner, we expect to see a migration towards corporate charters as businesses realise they have control over who they travel with in their own chartered jet."

A spokeswoman says Air Partner, whose customers also include actors and rock stars, has also benefited from scheduled airlines cancelling routes and grounding planes.

She says: "Even if the world falls into the deepest recession, the world still goes on, as does business travel. Air Partner will experience a slump, but the flexibility of hiring a jet for business is very cost-effective."

Air Partner will pay a final dividend of 7.5p per share, for a full-year dividend of 11.2p - 9.8% higher than last time.

Story filed: 08:18 Wednesday 10th October 2001