View Full Version : A320 nose wheel braking

26th May 2015, 02:58
Hi all
on older A320s, the nose wheel is braked by brake band during retraction but on latest MSN this brake band appears to be omitted by Airbus.
Any idea how N/whheel is braked during retraction on new A320s?


26th May 2015, 06:42
Hi, nose wheel is no more braked on planes without "braking bands". Braking bands were used only during production of first 1000 MSN aproximately. I am not sure if can be installed as option. Yes, canceled braking leads to higher vibration in flight deck and with high vibration level (if not eliminated by EFCS software upgrade) can generate F/CTL AIL SERVO FAULT after lift-off and ecam message at 1500" due to EFCS accelerometers sensitvity to such type of vibration...

26th May 2015, 08:01
...I am not sure if can be installed as option. ...
It is still an option... ;)

26th May 2015, 11:47
I don't know a great deal about the Busses, but why wouldn't that be standard equipment?

Amadis of Gaul
26th May 2015, 14:59
Probably because those brake bands wear out pretty quickly causing the same vibration as without them.

26th May 2015, 18:10
I think, with only limited experience, A320 braking bands works well, with no excessive maintenance at least compared with 737 NLG braking pads. They use relative big contact area and are more springy.