View Full Version : A320 / A330 Manual landing at 350 meters RVR?

Trust me Im Staff
16th May 2015, 03:29
We know that CAT 2 (300 Meters) requires auto landing or TGS. Any operator allow manual landing below CAT 1 - say 350-400 meters?

16th May 2015, 03:44
We know that CAT 2 (300 Meters) requires auto landing Incorrect.

16th May 2015, 04:06
Cat2 with a manual landing is permitted.

From the FCOM limitations section:--


Minimum decision height:..................................................... .....................................100 ft AGL At least one autopilot must be engaged in APPR mode and CAT 2, CAT 3 SINGLE or CAT 3 DUAL must be displayed on the FMA. If the crew performs an automatic approach without autoland, the autopilot must be disengaged no later than at 80 ft.

Trust me Im Staff
16th May 2015, 06:50
True enough from the FCOM. However, our carrier prohibits it. I should have clarified that in my original question.

16th May 2015, 07:02
Fair enough, ours allow it.

Bus Driver Man
16th May 2015, 08:33
Originally Posted by Trust me Im Staff http://www.pprune.org/images/buttons/viewpost.gif (http://www.pprune.org/tech-log/561488-a320-a330-manual-landing-350-meters-rvr.html#post8978335)
We know that CAT 2 (300 Meters) requires auto landing


Not entirely incorrect.

A 300m RVR CAT 2 approach with a CAT D aircraft requires an autoland.
If conducting a manual landing, 350m RVR is required. (Note: This is for CAT D AC only.)

LIDO Route Manual - RAR - EASA OPS - CAT 2 and CAT 2 OTS:
ACFT CAT D: 300m / 350m (Note 2)
Note 2:
An RVR of 300m may be used for a CAT D aircraft conducting an auto-land.

If you look at approach charts for EASA ops CAT 2 minima for CAT D ac:
100 - 300R

2) If not conducting autoland RVR 350m required

16th May 2015, 14:35
Fair enough again.

Our OPS A manual requires minimum of 350 m RVR TDZ for CAT 2 anyway, so that's covered.

tubby linton
16th May 2015, 15:38
A330 is a CAT C aircraft in my company(or was). The only CAT D aircraft we have are some heavy A321s

17th May 2015, 03:20
Yes but some operators use CAT D for the 330, as does mine.

They make the rules, I just follow em.