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14th May 2015, 22:37
XA890 among others featured in low passes and taxi, some in white anti flash colors.

all in the film, "Satellite in the Sky" circa 1956. just now on TCM.

very sort of british film. Wow, ROCKET TURBINES!

fun if you like british sort of movies.

14th May 2015, 22:40
I saw a film about tornados on films 4 men earlier, it showed XH558 as a tanker ?

14th May 2015, 23:16
this movie inspired the launch sequence on Fireball XL5 I imagine.

Harley Quinn
15th May 2015, 05:29
From Wiki on XH558:

The aircraft was one of nine converted to a SR2 Maritime Radar Reconnaissance configuration in 1973 and flew with 27 Sqn. For the maritime reconnaissance role the terrain-following radar (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrain-following_radar) (TFR) was removed and replaced by LORAN (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LORAN) C equipment. XH558 was subsequently one of six Vulcans converted to the aerial refuelling (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerial_refueling) variant K2 in 1982. The aerial refuelling variant was assessed on 1 May 1982. Go-ahead for modification was given three days later and the first aircraft (XH561) made its maiden flight on 18 June 1982 and flew to Waddington five days later.

15th May 2015, 06:52