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6th May 2015, 06:41
Hello all

I'm inquiring if anyone could point me in the right direction or have contacts to help translate into English the soft copy of a 1930s Russian aircraft construction document and plans please?
The document is 181 pages long of text, diagrams, numeric tables etc.

In addition to bi-lingual fluency the person(s) should ideally be knowledgeable with aircraft terminology and wood and metal aircraft construction techniques. I work with Russian software engineers who advise that the language is dated with some terms and words (eg types of wood) that are unknown to them. I have the contents page translated as this is the least technical.

I have sourced various contacts via LinkedIN but sadly no progress is forthcoming hence asking here.
Automated translation programs/services are of no help because of the specific technical content of the document.

I appreciate any contacts and guidance please.

Thank you kindly.


7th May 2015, 01:57
Just a suggestion, if you can cite the document perhaps someone has already done the translation.

7th May 2015, 08:09
So far none appears to have been undertaken or reported to have been.
The aircraft is the Shavrov SH-2