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3rd May 2015, 09:03
Hi Guys,

When I was a kid in Liverpool (about 60 years ago) we used to hear the Met Office Spitfire go overhead the school twice daily. The sound was unmistakeable. (This aircraft was later replaced by a Mosquito). Since we also had the USAAF base at Burtonwood not too far away, we also used to hear the deep, deep drone of the B29 Super Fortress from time to time.

Thinking about this led me to wonder if there might be a website somewhere on which one can hear recordings of particular aircraft engine sounds. I should love to hear what a Napier Sabre engined Typhoon sounded like.

Anybody know of such a thing?



Guernsey Girl II
3rd May 2015, 12:04
The only thing I've found is below.

No Typhhon but a Tempest chasing a V1 and the recording of Bombers and Nightingales from May 42. On the record it says Lancasters but how many Sqns were operational by May I'm not sure.

Classic Aircraft Sounds by Classic Aircraft

3rd May 2015, 16:12
Interesting link there GG. Also on there is the Fairey Rotodyne, which I have always believed had horrendous noise issues due to the tipjets, yet this recording seems to be no worse than many rotary wing ac (at least in the sample I heard).
Many other great ac sounds are on that album, but the RR Merlin's seem to be the most evocative for me.

4th May 2015, 01:54
Don't forget the Rotodyne was a composite aircraft so the rotor would not be driven in forward (cruise) flight especially as more lift would be provided by the stub wings.

4th May 2015, 11:09
When I converted my 1960's/70's 8mm silent cine film to digital so I could edit the result for burning to DVD I wanted some aircraft sounds for some of my shots.
Sounddogs had a good selection. They were free ten-years ago, but I think you have to pay for them now - have a look here:

Also remember BBC has a wonderful collection of free sound effects such as here where one can hear a single Spitfire flying by (35-secs) or a pair - here: http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/Spitfire

5th May 2015, 20:49
I have a habit at work: Whenever a colleague of mine uses to ad a sound to any sentence, I grab my croocked yardstick, chisel or whatever might be in the tigh-pocket of my working trousers and acts like it's a microphone when saying: "It's from the Sound-historic Library - How was it that it sounded."
And now I have the perception that You just stole the idea of my sound-historic library ;-)
With the exception of voices, most sounds are possible to reenact(*), but the idea of a sound/noise library might not be that mad in fact. However, loud sounds might be almost impossible to file in a satisfatory quality :-(
Years ago tape(recording) amateurism was a common hobby, but it seems that despite the digital (recording) revolution this hobby is vanished!? Digital recorders together with high class microphones might actual be a better solution and as the world needs this kind of sound-amateurs to get several daily sounds filed I hereby urge to kickstart the forgotten hobby!
Lately I was surprised that a simple picture of a motorcycle was able to produce it's destinctive sound for my inner ear, and by following thought I was able to recall the sound of several specific motorbikes. For You and many other the same must be the fact for aircraft-sounds and I think that this recalling of a sound is niecer than the experience of a bad recording :-/
Finally: In many situations does YouTube provide fair soundtracks to the videos - Try fx to search for the Moto Guzzi V8 GP motorbike or the Mazda four chamber Wankel engined endurance racer!
(*): The worlds first radial engine from 1903 does still exist and is started twice daily at Elsinore tech museum, but how sounded the voice of it's inventor (and what colour had his hair (due to the Black/White photos from then))? :-o

6th May 2015, 08:43
Hi Guys,

I've had a look at the various sites proposed here and they're all good.

Sadly no recordings of the Hawker Typhoon or the B29.

But reading Flybiker's post, however, perhaps I just might have started something!

Anyway, many thanks to one and all for the information given.

Best regards,


6th May 2015, 11:17
Flybiker - wish I had known about the engine being started, I would have made sure I was around for that day's demo when I visited last year. I will let my son know for his next visit with our grandchildren- their summer house is 7 km or so from the museum

6th May 2015, 21:04

7th May 2015, 10:33
Some B29 sounds in this link