View Full Version : Some nice old pics - from Liverpool & Wirral

15th Apr 2015, 17:55
Reflections Archive, Transport, Air, p.1 (http://www.20thcenturyimages.co.uk/trolleyed/9/37/transport-aircraft(1).html)

16th Apr 2015, 20:35
nice photos, here is another of G-ACJK, within 20 years or so of this photo the Comet was entering service.


18th Apr 2015, 20:57
Nice mix of (mainly) Liverpool area pics...like the Aer Lingus Bristol 170.....The Heathrow photo is later than 1947, though......roughly 1954....BOAC TBA(the Kremlin) and BEA hangars are up...Central Area Tower, Europa/T2 and Queens Building are up but BEA are still using RWY 28R as a ramp extension to LAP North