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Night Rider
21st Jul 2001, 22:42
Hi there,

A quick question.

Does anyone know what is involved with the Air 2000 Direct Entry Pilot (DEP) recruitment. :cool: :cool:

Delta Wun-Wun
22nd Jul 2001, 01:47
Ask Capt.Prune,He may be able to help. :)

22nd Jul 2001, 14:56
My mates on the inside told me the Air 2000 application process usually starts with an RAF application form!!! :D

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A and C
22nd Jul 2001, 21:01
I think you are right about the RAF and air2000 i had 3000 hr TT and 1500 on heavy fast turboprops and a ground engineers licence + the A320 maintenance CRS aproval and two other heavy types ,i got sent a form but that was as far as it got !

I can only gess that they think that us from the hangar floor would not know the correct spoon to use for the soup.

Tight Slot
22nd Jul 2001, 21:38
"Heavy fast turboprops" oh, I didn't think such things existed???

wing commander goldbar
22nd Jul 2001, 21:58
Is Air2000 presently recruiting or does anyone know when they will start?

Mr Benn
23rd Jul 2001, 00:54
No current active recruitment at Air 2 bob right now. Possibly in the autumn. There are going to be new aircraft arriving over the next year or two and lots of crews will be required. It seems that they may now be coming to their senses and taking pilots with different experience - that is, some low hours, some civilian, some ex military.
The hours requirement dropped a year or so ago to 1500 TT.

A and C
23rd Jul 2001, 12:27
Tight slot well.....it was faster and heavyer than the 146 ! a fact that seemed to have been missed by most of the jet side of this industry.

wing commander goldbar
23rd Jul 2001, 13:14
thanks for the info MR Benn.

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