View Full Version : Another one of Tarmach's questions!!

21st Jul 2001, 21:09
Most graduates after leaving university have debts around 10000.

My question is how much debt are professional pilots in after finishing their flight training?

Further, how much debt are you still in after 5 years after finishing your training!


22nd Jul 2001, 02:56
Well its been 4 and a half years since I started flying training, I am now in the RHS of a lovely jet and getting a decent salary for all my hard work.

I still owe the bank 40k for my flying loan, despite two years of paying it back at over 700 a month. And I've bought a house as well, so its a huge amount of dosh, but I guess you're only interested in the flying loan. So 3 and a half years from finishing flying training and its 40K.


Luke SkyToddler
22nd Jul 2001, 11:02
5 years since I finished training, and still in the red by about 40,000 squid of aviation related debt (plus another 10 grand I racked up at university before I started).

DeeTee old chum, long time no post! Dave and I were wondering how you were just the other day ... sounds like it all worked out for you in the end then ... well done that man!

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