View Full Version : B767 tail height

27th Mar 2015, 18:16
I am retired now but remember that the latest tail height on takeoff or landing could be found in ACARS. I often used to check, but never triggered the auto printout.
I cannot remember what tail height triggered the automatic ACARS printout. Anyone know? Was it "less than 1 foot", or 2 feet, or what?

28th Mar 2015, 06:48
Haven't seen that option, our 75 and 767's print out if you exceeded a certain pitch angle (don't remember what it is)

28th Mar 2015, 12:29
I remember that there were two pitch angles published, beyond which you would get a tail scrape.
One was "weight off" for take-off, the other was "weight on" for the landing case. I forget the angles now.

But in my day (10 years ago) the ACARS in BA's 767 could print out a calculated
"tail height on TO" or landing (in feet I'm pretty sure).