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25th Mar 2015, 21:26
A shop in Newton, Kansas is finishing restoration of a model 10-A - the original "Electra". (Lockheed recycled the name a couple times over 30 years).

My understanding is that this plane was originally delivered in 1937 to Bata Shoe Co. but I have little beyond that, except that when finished, the plane will be ferried back to the Czech Republic to Bata.

If any of our Newton - Wichita area people could fill in more detail, I'd be most grateful!

India Four Two
25th Mar 2015, 22:12

Here's another 10A - CF-TCA in the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, at Ottawa Rockcliffe Airport. Four pictures, starting here:


Trans Canada Airlines first new aircraft. She used to be airworthy. Sad to see that she is now permanently grounded. I wasn't aware that she had been flown around the world. :ok:

26th Mar 2015, 00:49
Best detail I've found so far: 1937 Electra being restored for trip home to Prague | The Wichita Eagle The Wichita Eagle (http://www.kansas.com/news/business/aviation/article1311223.html)

Apparently she was test-flown about 15 March. :)

26th Mar 2015, 04:02
I'm no longer in Wichita but the reporters at the Eagle are a friendly bunch and probably would welcome the interest so why not contact Molly McMillin yourself.

26th Mar 2015, 07:59
Apparently she was test-flown about 15 March.March 12th, according to this AWST article:

Photo Gallery: 1937 Lockheed 10A 'Electra' Restoration | Aviation Week (http://aviationweek.com/bca/1937-lockheed-10a-electra-restoration#slide-0-field_images-1278431)

Looks absolutely gorgeous.


26th Mar 2015, 12:20
And here's a video of the test flight...


26th Mar 2015, 14:06
Looks and sounds aboslutely marvellous doesn't she? :ok:

We've been deprived of an airworthy Electra in Europe since Bernard Chabbert's suffered a gear collapse several years ago - anyone know what's happened with that?

11th Apr 2015, 06:38
The bottom of the instrument panel doesn't look particularly 'knee friendly' in the event of a mishap!

24th May 2015, 17:15
L-10-A OK-CTB is enroute to Prague. On Facebook there's a photo of it over the Greenland icecap.



24th May 2015, 17:48

24th May 2015, 17:52
Anyone know if it will pass through the UK please?

24th May 2015, 20:14
A rough plot (subject to change I'm sure) shows it arriving in NE Scotland, Thurso perhaps, then onward to the greater London area.

Then direct to Prague.

25th May 2015, 08:41
Looks like it's currently in Iceland.

Live(?) tracking here:Sledujte cestu Electry online | Electra se vrací dom? | Aktuality | Flying Revue (http://www.flying-revue.cz/sledujte-cestu-electry-online)

25th May 2015, 14:18
Now appears to be at or overhead Wick.

25th May 2015, 20:35
Duxford nightstop.

26th May 2015, 11:29
It occurs to me that the Electra, with first flight of its prototype 23 Feb. 1934, has become the oldest aircraft type to complete a modern Atlantic crossing. :D

Closest competitor must be the DC-3/C-47. :)

26th May 2015, 20:25
It stopped for fuel and sandwiches at EHLE (Lelystad, Netherlands) today before moving on to Germany. I haven't seen any photos yet unfortunately...

27th May 2015, 12:12
Photos of the aircraft at Duxford can be found here
Duxford Diary (2015) - Page 42 (http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?133294-Duxford-Diary-(2015)/page42).

Also another one from Le Ferte last weekend (image 16) here
La Ferté-Alais Airshow 24th of May 2015 France (http://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=67114)


27th May 2015, 18:48
Now at Hof-Plauen (Bavaria), just short of the Czech border.

3rd Jun 2015, 23:52
It stopped for fuel and sandwiches at EHLE (Lelystad, Netherlands)

Lockheed L.10A Electra N241M (http://www.ruudleeuw.com/aviodrome-2015.htm)

(Dean of aviation photographers WTL is particularly enamoured of this collection)

4th Jun 2015, 01:22
The Lelystad text describes the installation of Beech 18 cowls in the 60s. I examined many of the above shots to determine if they had later reverted to the original Lockheed cowls - Lockheed's securing method was a "belly band" cable in a groove around the circumference of the cowl.

But the Duxford shots include an engine semi-closeup where Beech style cowl latches are clearly seen.