View Full Version : Victory Flypast over London 1945

7th Jun 2002, 20:25
Do any of you more mature people know if there was a Victory Flypast over London in 1945? If there was, can anyone tell me which aircraft led the formation?

Thank you.

PPRuNe Pop
8th Jun 2002, 00:08
I think I am correct in saying that it was a Spitfire. flown by Douglas Bader.

8th Jun 2002, 21:54
PPrune Pop

Thank you very much for the prompt response.

9th Jun 2002, 11:35
Bader, recently released from POW camp, led a Wing of Spitfires from North Weald. About 300 aircraft of all types participated in the flypast.

10th Jun 2002, 02:46
Yes, definitely Douglas Bader, in a Spitfire. There are some good photgraphs in the book "Reach for the Sky" showing Bader just before the fly past.

6th Jul 2002, 18:00
there wasnt a victory flypast in 1945. the flypast that bader led was a battle of britain flypast in september 45, dont forget that wwii didnt end until the japs surrendered on the missouri , that was september the 2nd. i have a copy of the programme for the victory parade that took place on june the 8th 1946 and there were two flypasts, one in daylight and one at night would you believe!