View Full Version : Metaphors - where did that one come from?

14th Mar 2015, 15:41
Uttered the other week by someone commenting on another's disposition in a group of about !0.

"what's the matter, you've got a face like a bucketful of chewed a***holes"

14th Mar 2015, 16:26
Don't know where it came from, but it isn't a metaphor.

14th Mar 2015, 16:54


14th Mar 2015, 17:17
It sounds like one of the many gems mouthed by someone, sometime, somewhere and it made people laugh, they remembered it and used it to achieve the same effect. It's descriptive and conjures up an image that could be transposed to someone's contorted face when in the throws of disgust. "A face like a bag of spanners" comes to mind, as does "Like a Bulldog chewing a wasp".Whilst on the subject of arseholes, a few years back in America, someone stole a se-mi that should have been full of beef (worth $100K apparently), but in fact contained almost a million frozen bovine anus' to be used in some process somewhere (hopefully not food!).


14th Mar 2015, 17:17
silly me it's a simile

14th Mar 2015, 17:42
If you were unfortunate enough to catch sight of my fat chavvy neighbour in her black top and trousers you would agree that 'A bag of shit tied up in the middle' is totally appropriate.

14th Mar 2015, 18:40
A friend of mine coined the acronym FLABOSA for face like a bag of smashed a**holes.

15th Mar 2015, 08:53
Aussie bloke I worked with once told me he had met a woman in a bar who had "A face like a plate of dropped crab"

Not a nice picture...

joy ride
15th Mar 2015, 08:59
My business partner in USA regularly describes someone or something as "uglier than a bucketful of assholes". At appropriate times I now use this but often with an adjective before the final noun, but I have not before heard the "chewed" addition, but it does add a nice level of wrongness.

15th Mar 2015, 10:48
"A face like a bulldog licking sh1t off a thistle"

Conjures the correct mental picture for me!

Or "Fell out of the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down"

Mr Optimistic
15th Mar 2015, 12:48
Simile. He's got the sort of face you would like to hit with a shovel.

15th Mar 2015, 13:05
Are there any similes for the opposite, that is appreciation of someone's looks ? I ask, because on reading some of the posts here my memory churns out more 'ugly' descriptives and I can think of anything but "she/he's easy on the eye"


Mr Optimistic
15th Mar 2015, 19:34
Well now, in the Maritime Provinces we didn't really wish to express our appreciation of the attractiveness of our fellow man. Maybe in the effete south east they may have a saying.

16th Mar 2015, 22:16
Shamelessly stolen from ARRSE, the brown jobs always did have a way with words!
F:mad:ing Susan Boyle would be like opening a Greggs cheese pasty that had been dropped on the barber's shop floor
Mind bleach for one please nurse!

17th Mar 2015, 01:44
SHJ come now, I'm sure you can think of a few more graphic than "easy on the eye". But, whereas the negative similes seem to scrape by the censors, positive ones could easily be considered sexist and worthy of banning.

17th Mar 2015, 03:03
We downplay it a bit here in OZ.
When someone comments on a certain lady's desirability, one goes...
"Well mate, I wouldn't crawl over her to get to you."

17th Mar 2015, 11:03
All women look good at some distance. It's just that for some, it's 2 or 3 miles away.

Aire de Drome
17th Mar 2015, 16:27
a blind cobbler's thumb
a welder's bench.

Mac the Knife
17th Mar 2015, 16:36
"...frozen bovine anus..."

With enough cream, red wine, brandy and garlic probably wouldn't be too bad.



17th Mar 2015, 16:41
https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRX2k9ENp1CitgRlakkjYTDuJl92fp7S335lXQKMXY Qu8cu-gi4gg (http://www.nairaland.com/1973779/nigeria-vs-ghana-friendly-1/31)

like who's stupid round here?
like how dare he call me fugly
did he call me like fugly?

17th Mar 2015, 18:00
With regards to the bovine anuses...

Many who are led to believe that they are being served calamari rings might find the truth a bit less appetizing. So the rumour goes...

17th Mar 2015, 18:04
With regards to the bovine anuses...

Whoops, for a minute there I thought you were talking about our Congress. :p

17th Mar 2015, 20:20
Some institutions seem to attract a certain kind of people, regardless of the country they are located in...

17th Mar 2015, 20:33
One of my favourites is Clive James' description of Arnold Schwarzenegger as looking like a condom stuffed full of walnuts.

17th Mar 2015, 20:59
During the recent cyclone near Townsville, a mate claimed that they'd "had enough rain to wet a wharfie's tally-ho."

For our American friends, wharfie = stevedore, tally-ho = cigarette paper.

Wharfies traditionally wouldn't work at the slightest hint of rain, preferring to stay inside.