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14th Mar 2015, 08:39
Hey Ho JBers....Here be what I have prepared at the Mrs Fliegs request for dinner tonight.... :D

Normandy Pork Casserole - Woman And Home (http://www.womanandhome.com/recipes/447253/normandy-pork-casserole-recipe)

Except its been in over 4 hours now....I had to take tinny out for snorkel in the seaway.....:E

14th Mar 2015, 12:32
I've been doing this about once a fortnight this winter, thanks to a large shoulder of pork I got cheap.

I use sour cream not half-fat ladyboy creme fraiche. You can use apple juice instead of cider. Apple juices+sour cream has the sourness-equivalence of this recipe's dry cider+creme fraiche.
I never could stand celery. Carrots works, but I prefer butter beans (lima beans over here, but from dried not tinned). The beans means the sauce thickens naturally in the slow cooker so you don't need the cornflour business, just bung the mustard in towards the end of the slow cook.
You can use bay leaf+ thyme instead of tarragon, which means you can bung the herbs in at the start also, thus meaning none of that saucemaking at the end, just use a slow cooker for 5-6 hours (mustard added with 1 hour to go, sour cream just before serving).

14th Mar 2015, 13:36
Sounds very tasty, but shouldn't you be cooking steak tonight?

14th Mar 2015, 14:15
Should it not be MrsF cooking Steak Today?:confused:

After all it is Steak and BJ day.:ok:

14th Mar 2015, 14:57
Strictly speaking, yes. However I don't mind sharing work - for example I drive to the pub, she drives back; I cook the steak, she does the rest.

14th Mar 2015, 15:00
Yup. Like the car share. I fill it, she drives it.

14th Mar 2015, 17:47
As a matter of interest [slight change of subject] what do you guys in Canada pay for a small pot [150mL] of Maple Syrup? Just seen 5.65 in the local Tesco. Outbloodyrageous.

14th Mar 2015, 18:33
I paid 2.75 at Morrison's UK two days ago 150ml

14th Mar 2015, 18:41
Maple Syrple

Price does vary according to grade and where you get it and if there's shipping involved.

Top grade
1/2 pint (234ml) Cdn$7.99
Quart Cdn$20.99

It can be found for less if no shipping is required.

Buy big - lasts almost forever.

14th Mar 2015, 20:04
Large piece of rib eye just about to be put in the frying pan. The cat is looking forward to it too.

14th Mar 2015, 23:46
Ah...Rib eye on the bone was last weeks Sat dinner....local butcherpulls it out of the cold room and slices it right there in front of you......and he is opposite a large chain supermarket!!, his meat soo much better, and soo much cheaper....love it

15th Mar 2015, 00:11
Stop this; I'm trying to eat less! ;)

15th Mar 2015, 02:33
Have I got this wrong, but Mothers Day has nothing to do with husbands:confused: