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tony draper
14th Mar 2015, 00:02
None of you wags have spotted this.:rolleyes:
BBC News - South Africans perform first 'successful' penis transplant (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-31876219)

14th Mar 2015, 00:03
Read it. It brought tears to my eyes. Couldn't bring myself to joke about it.

14th Mar 2015, 00:07
Wonder how much I could get for mine - not having a prostate means it does not get used much these days!

14th Mar 2015, 00:20
There have been attempts before, including one in China. Accounts suggested the operation went fine, but the penis was later rejected.

Who rejected it? I think we should be told.

14th Mar 2015, 00:21
SA were first with heart transplants but John Bobbit, US citizen, had his penis sewn back on after Mrs Bobbit cut it off owning to his extramarital misdemeanours. She couldn't find his brain.

14th Mar 2015, 00:24
Hope the operation wasn't a c*ck up !

14th Mar 2015, 00:24
Images of Australian soft porn from my childhood :eek:

Percy (1971) - IMDb (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067568/)

West Coast
14th Mar 2015, 00:33
Was it a...lengthy...surgery?

14th Mar 2015, 07:15
Quite short, actually. Something else came up :p

My eyes water at the thought of him 'jerking it off' :eek:

Krystal n chips
14th Mar 2015, 07:30
" Images of Australian soft porn from my childhood "

Hmmm ? said film was on general release in the UK. I seem to recall the, ahem, original owner had some "diverse relationships" as the new owner discovered in his search.......harmless, and in many parts, amusing entertainment

14th Mar 2015, 08:10
And on the other side of the gender divide..

Home affairs committee says FGM Act should be expanded to cover cosmetic procedures that have no medical purpose, though government says this is already covered in law

Outlaw 'designer vagina' surgery, say MPs | Society | The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/mar/14/outlaw-designer-vagina-cosmetic-surgery-mps-fgm)

14th Mar 2015, 10:33
Penis surgery, vagina surgery...... what's next, a fartectomy ?


14th Mar 2015, 11:26
Also some patients cannot cope with a transplant if they fail to recognise it as part of their body.

I see a potential problem in mixed-race countries.

14th Mar 2015, 11:38
Not the worlds first, been Happening for years in Downing Street.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
14th Mar 2015, 12:04
So why are such barbaric 'initiation ceremonies' still taking place? The lad had a perfectly good willie which apparently worked just fine before the tribal butchers got at it. The surgeons should send the bill to the butchers!

Shaggy Sheep Driver
14th Mar 2015, 12:07
I see a potential problem in mixed-race countries.

Reminds me of the old joke about the chap being offered a new penis to replace one lost in a nasty accident. The surgeons show him a display case with the 'members' in for him to choose:

"I'll take the ten-incher if you have it in white". :E

Mr Optimistic
14th Mar 2015, 12:30
Hmm, how do you make sure you are not on the donor list?

cockney steve
14th Mar 2015, 13:09
Brings a new nuance to the term for an African ruler - "Dicktator"

Seriously, why the hell do we keep pouring "aid" into these primitive jungle-bunnies? To my knowledge, they have had a least 50+ years of White Man's education and handouts.
An intelligent person who is not part of the "aid- industry", must conclude that they have no intention of changing their ways.
let the buggers die of starvation, disease, pestilence , self-mutilation and warring with each other.

God made them that way, it is not a Christian act to try to thwart "his" will. :}

Lon More
14th Mar 2015, 13:10
March 14; Steak and a BJ day. Presumebly he'll still be giving part of it a miss?

Still got the prostate but had to have it rebored and sleeved last year. Unfortunately destroyed some nerves :sad:

14th Mar 2015, 13:28
This reminds of one of the porn cartoons doing "the rounds" when I was in 'Nam.
A bloke is drawn lying back on a hospital bed in a hospital gown, with his pitiful willy fully exposed, and a stallion is lying on its back in a similar gown, in the next bed.
The doctor is saying to him, "We found a very suitable organ donor for the transplant, Sir!"
Of course, the bloke is gazing at the horses dick with a look of unadulterated ecstasy - while the horse is looking decidedly unhappy ... :)

14th Mar 2015, 20:45
What happens if the penis rejects the recipient?

15th Mar 2015, 03:46
It won't last - every penis I have heard of has had been rejected over and over again. Why should this time be any different? :p