View Full Version : "Conquest of the Air" With Face Still Pressed Against that Airplane Window.....

13th Mar 2015, 19:46
Just returned from a short jaunt to LA and back. I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of those airline passengers who never fails to appreciate the miracle of flight.

It (flight) did not come easily, as this little gem of a film reiterates. It's worth the watch.......


Ascend Charlie
13th Mar 2015, 23:31
Whenever I flew in the Hew Hess Hay I would play a puerile game in my mind - every time I looked out the window, I had to see something to do with aviation (and not just the wings!)

Usually I would see a town or city with an airfield, or several, or military field, or just another jet flying past.

I don't think I ever failed to see something aviation. The US thrives on aviation. Unlike here in Oz, where you can fly for an hour and not see a town, and the town has sold its airfield for a housing development.:uhoh: