View Full Version : Creative drawing in Flight Radar

fox niner
13th Mar 2015, 20:40
Hi all,

someone had a great time drawing a dick-shaped flight profile in florida.:ok:
check this out:
Bored pilot draws penis on FlightRadar with private plane (http://mashable.com/2015/03/13/flight-radar-penis/)

Looks to me that we might have a new contest idea here.
Who can (or dares) to draw the most hilarious object in the sky? Take it away!

joy ride
13th Mar 2015, 20:47
Life copies art: in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Wowbagger The Infinitely Prolonged got so bored of life that he build a craft to travel everywhere in time and space and insult every living organism in it in alphabetical order. He hoped his trajectory in space-time would spell out a very rude word in some language.

West Coast
13th Mar 2015, 20:47
Superbowl - a Boeing is painting huge number 12 - praising the lousiest fans and the "12th player" of Seattle Seahawks. - 9GAG (http://9gag.com/gag/aoz4OyX/superbowl-a-boeing-is-painting-huge-number-12-praising-the-lousiest-fans-and-the-12th-player-of-seattle-seahawks)

Windy Militant
13th Mar 2015, 23:01
In Men of Power: The Lives of Rolls-Royce Chief Test Pilots Harvey and Jim Heyworth some one drew one with contrails that was seen by the wives of the great mucky mucks who were having garden party I think. they tried to explain the art work as a scissors gone wrong!;)