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12th Mar 2015, 09:21
BBC News - France objects to Waterloo euro coin (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-31841421)

12th Mar 2015, 09:49
That Napoleon bloke had a lot to answer for. If it wasn't for him they would all still be sensibly driving on the left, and we wouldn't have to remember to switch sides when we drove off the ferry :*

Hope the Belgians stick to their guns* on this.

*(cannon and muskets, of course!)

12th Mar 2015, 09:52
Iím surprised theyíre bothered; isnít French SOP in these cases to re-write history and cast themselves as the victors?

12th Mar 2015, 10:57
I guess Britain would be up in arms if the Kaiser or Bismarck appeared on a Euro coin, but that would be OK, 'cause we're British!

12th Mar 2015, 11:09
I guess Britain would be up in arms if the Kaiser or Bismarck appeared on a Euro coin

Would we? Personally I don't give a damn - it's about a battle, not a person, and anyway we're not in the euro anyway so are not affected by it.


Allan Lupton
12th Mar 2015, 11:29
For me, the Belgian attitude towards their historically significant site was summed up by an occurrance some 30 years ago.
A couple of us were in Brussels trying to interest SABENA in buying our aeroplanes, and our agent took us to dinner in a country restaurant. En route we passed a "Waterloo 5km" signpost and our host said "we don't need to go there - but I do take all my French visitors!"

tony draper
12th Mar 2015, 11:30
Watched a series of documentaries about the Great Offices of State a while back,the Foreign Office went to great pains with protocol when dealing with furriners such as having two doors on rooms so say two foreign gentlemen of equal status could enter through the two different doors simultaneously so one would not have to follow the other and thus be slighted,
With the French they didn't bother just usher them in and sit them down dead opposite a huge painting of Trafalgar.

12th Mar 2015, 12:34
You mean you had a guy to hand out brown envelopes in Brussels. Shocking!

12th Mar 2015, 13:57
when we drove off the ferry

Not this week and in Calais, you won't. The dockies are on strike again. Tuesday it was the trains.....

Remember this when you next hear Hollande is going to rein in the French trade unions

12th Mar 2015, 14:12
"we don't need to go there - but I do take all my French visitors!" Nobody needs to visit the site, but I did and spent a very interesting Sunday there, in 1967. All true Brits should visit and learn.

It started an interest with the Napoleonic Wars that I still have.

Also, with all the noise about the doings of the 18th June, I sincerely hope that what happened at a certain crossroad a few miles to the south on 16th June is also remembered.

12th Mar 2015, 16:14
Quatre Bras?

12th Mar 2015, 17:03

Quatre Bras?:ok: Someone passed history!

12th Mar 2015, 17:15
I visited a few years ago. What struck me was how small the field of battle actually was. "Field" really is the correct term. I also recall reading that Wellington went back many years later, took one look at the monument and said "they've ruined my battlefield", as they'd scraped away the ridge line to make it so you can no longer see the topography as it was.

Fascinating place. As for the rest of Belgium we left as soon as we could!! I once read a comment that "the only possible use for Belgium is a short cut for the Wehrmacht to get to the coast". I could not possibly comment!!!

12th Mar 2015, 17:54

:ok: Someone passed history!
Back when I was a boy scout, one of our rainy day activities was to pull out the board games. My favorite was by Avalon Hill, a game called "Waterloo." :ok: It got me very interested in military history. Still good fun and it doesn't take too very long to play.

Super VC-10
12th Mar 2015, 18:01
France still got chips on its shoulder

Shouldn't that be "pommes frites"? :E

Krystal n chips
12th Mar 2015, 18:13
I suspect if the French viewed the advert I saw the other day, they wouldn't be overly concerned as to sales.

Now, clearly some ad. agency thought it would be a jolly good idea to get a military personage to, erm, front the ad.

This was their first mistake.

Former and usually fully institutionalised military don't have a clue as to how the civilian mind works, let alone how to address civilians.

Second mistake.

See above.

The ad is presented by some individual who is under the impression he is addressing the troops, or a parade at Sandhurst. The forms of address and inflection, not forgetting the vocabulary only serve to confirm why these people are like a fish out of water away from their cloistered world.

Sales, I would suggest, are unlikely to rocket as a result.

12th Mar 2015, 19:16
Silliness. Don't suppose there will ever be a DeGaulle coin.

Here's how we do coins.
Sold out.


12th Mar 2015, 19:28
At the time of the battle, in 1815, the battlefield of Waterloo was in France. Belgium wasn't founded until later.....as a result of the French defeat after which it became part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, followed by the Belgian Revolution of 1830....prompted by the French Revolution...and Belgium came into being. They still all hate each other.....

12th Mar 2015, 19:42
Is the Queen of Canada on the other side?
Just to irritate the Quebecois.

12th Mar 2015, 19:46

12th Mar 2015, 22:11
If we really wanted to get them we could issue a coin celebrating the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.

12th Mar 2015, 22:14
I don't remember a similar fuss when Abba won the Eurovision song festival with a song called.. yes, "Waterloo" !

Ah, and I did visit the site too, but that was in 1958.....

13th Mar 2015, 08:29
Thanks for that, rotornut. It prompted me to look at the wiki entry to find out what the battle was about, and also explains a reference in an old Gordon Lightfoot song "Nous Vivons Ensemble".

13th Mar 2015, 12:43
What's a mere battle in comparison to the final outcome? Napoleon had his way regardless and the widespread adoption of the Napoleonic Code changed the face of Europe forever. Which is what he intended.

13th Mar 2015, 13:38
But he didn't intend to spend his retirement under guard on Saint Helena