View Full Version : Hole in Runway at Luton?

7th Jun 2002, 07:37
Any truth in the rumour that flights are diverting from LTN due to a hole in the runway?



Colonel Klink
7th Jun 2002, 07:52
Yes, the rumour is true, because I had to divert to East Midlands for a quick top-up of fuel before returning to Luton. I was the easyJet 562 coming in from Malaga, London ATC advised us we would be entering the hold at Lorel (unheard of!!) then diverted us to the hold at Abbot as the easyJets started mounting up, then one by one we all diverted when it became clear the runway would not be fixed as quickly as they first thoufght.
A few months ago we had to be towed out to the runway at Luton before starting engines when another hole developed, this time in the main taxiway. I guess Luton was never meant for the thumping it is getting from the huge increase in traffic from all those orange tails.......

7th Jun 2002, 10:21
Vell Klink
Perhaps you should learn not to "thump", as you say, qvite so hard. Ve landed zere at LTN vis skill und precision vor many years und - NO HOLES! :p

7th Jun 2002, 12:01
Sounds like a cheap excuse of a pilot after a hard landing :D

´Sorry ladies and gentlemen, what felt like a hard touchdown was actually a big hole in the Runway...´ ;)

In trim
7th Jun 2002, 16:24
Been at LTN all day and know nothing of any holes.

Thick fog and low RVR's all morning.....more likely to have been the actual cause!!!

7th Jun 2002, 16:31
Airport management are looking into it.

Pilot Pete
7th Jun 2002, 16:36
Surely it can't be any worse than taxiway D at Manchester?:D


7th Jun 2002, 17:51
BOAC Airport management are looking into it.
I hope they don't fall in ... :cool:

Semaphore Sam
7th Jun 2002, 19:59
I didn't know Railtrack maintains runways too!

7th Jun 2002, 22:08
If they did. Then the Ba146/VTOL lookailke [hangs head in shame :o ] cos I can't remember its designation:( , would make loads of dosh....or, the Royal Navy would have London..[Thames],
Liverpool..Pier Head, Manchester..Fieild of Nightmares:rolleyes:
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

7th Jun 2002, 22:18
Perhaps the airport is finally sliding down the hill and we can get a nice flat runway with a full length parallel taxiway................!!!!!:D

7th Jun 2002, 22:56
Last time I used Luton, an Easyjet flight, we landed so hard that when I got off I wanted to check which wire we'd caught, and was most surprised to find it was actually Luton and not an aircraft carrier.

Is this hole 737 shaped?

foo fighting
8th Jun 2002, 00:35
london tma atco reporting from the west drayton frontline.

there was a hole which took a while to repair allegedly due to the unavailability of the on site tarmac chappies - always present apart from that afternoon.

another rumour which is true, there is also a runway in a hole called luton

Buster the Bear
8th Jun 2002, 09:22
Right, as I understand it, a hole was found and repaired on Thursday PM, navvies went home and switched off thier mobile phone.

Wet weather caused the freshly laid tarmac to come lose later in the evening, took ages to find more navvies!

Runway then closed on Thur and Fri nights for proper repair.

When was the last time the runway was totally re-surfaced???

8th Jun 2002, 13:33
Thanks for all the answers. Good to see that the thread soon reverted to humour with some fairly good jokes but almost all entirely predictable!