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7th Mar 2015, 05:18
Several shows dealing with this. Upshot is the continual attempts to bypass food import regulations by some nationalities or ethnicities , again and again. I won't mention the nationalities.

Even those previously caught do it again. Even those who can read the cards helpfully printed in their own languages do it.

The excuses are pathetic. My Auntie/mother packed my bags. I didn't think this would not be allowed so I didn't declare it, I was so tired on the flight, I forgot I had 19 kilos of pork and those garden cuttings I was going to plant in my garden here, I didn't think you could get this beef in this country. Or, all of a sudden - silence or trying to joke it off, or now not understanding English or just arguing about why it should be allowed or out comes the race card.

It is neverending. Penalties are far too low.

P6 Driver
7th Mar 2015, 09:08
(Rant over...)

7th Mar 2015, 11:12
It's not just food.

Phosphine poisoning: 2nd child dies in Edmonton hospital - Edmonton - CBC News (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/phosphine-poisoning-2nd-child-dies-in-edmonton-hospital-1.2974258)

I wonder why those developed countries have the regulations in the first place :ugh: