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6th Mar 2015, 05:26
Ryan PT-22 Recruit - YouTube

7th Mar 2015, 06:27
A friend told me that during WW2 the students nicknamed it the
"Maytag Messerschmitt"

8th Mar 2015, 01:15
Maytag MesserschmittInteresting reference. One reference book on the shelf has the P-51 dubbed with the name. Explanation given it was because the Maytag Washing Machine Company had broad experience with intricate aluminium castings and they provided the castings for the Merlin engine. One WWII pilot had his P-51 named "Woody's Maytag". Wonder what the truth is?

A Maytag produced aluminum casting for the Packard Merlin crankcase


8th Mar 2015, 17:43

8th Mar 2015, 20:27
Now I feel better about my habitual confusion between Maytag and Maybach.:O

8th Mar 2015, 21:23
The "Maytag Messerschmitt" nickname, as applied to the PT-22, was apparently because both engines had the same characteristic sound, often compared to a bag of bolts being shaken. :O

8th Mar 2015, 22:06
The PT-22 in Mauld's clip is owned by Tracey Curtis-Taylor and is, I believe, the first off the production line.

BBC 4 are broadcasting a programme about Tracey's recent Stearman flight to South Africa: BBC4 at 9pm on 17th March (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05n29m7).

9th Mar 2015, 01:12
The "Maytag Messerschmitt" label seems to have been applied to a range of aircraft. A google brings up O-47, L2A8, L-4 (during artillery spotting WWII), and even the T-34. Never heard of the term when training with the USN on the T-34 though.

9th Mar 2015, 08:58
A google brings up O-47, L2A8, L-4What's an L2A8? Doesn't ring any bells.

By George
9th Mar 2015, 11:19
I think Harrison Ford might have a new nickname for a PT-22.

10th Mar 2015, 01:16
L2A8, Got it from here Dave. Perhaps meant to be an L-2A Taylorcraft.

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