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4th Mar 2015, 13:00
Just been selling on ebay. Camera and Flash. Both ran well and I got good prices at the end, nearly 700 for the pair.
Annoying thing is that neither buyer paid.
What a waste of time. I wonder what proportion of sales have this payment problem or was I just unlucky.
It's a pity it is not possible to allow the second bidder to buy it if the highest does this to you. I suppose I get a free re-insertion but it's not the same.:E

4th Mar 2015, 13:15
I have been approached as second bidder (and completed the transaction) - though I don't recall the precise details.

ISTR it was 'official' rather than off-the-record.

4th Mar 2015, 13:22
Interesting, Il see what happens :ok:

4th Mar 2015, 13:32
I was also approached as second bidder some time ago and bought for a fair bit lower price than the non-payer had.

I can't remember how it worked, but it was definitely an official ebay thing at the time, as the request came from ebay, rather than being a message or email, IIRC.

I'll admit to also having messaged sellers when items haven't sold because they've set a too low reserve. 9 times out of 10 that's worked, too.

4th Mar 2015, 16:36
I have both bought and sold as "second chance", usually when the seller has more than one of the item, but also when the winning bidder didn't pay.

AFAIK it is still available, you may have to take some other action first - read the ebay help on it - when I've done it the option for it was fairly prominent somewhere, might have been on the "bids" page. IIRC you offer it for a fixed period (say 3 days) on a buy it now basis, at the best price the underbidder bid for it.

4th Mar 2015, 21:25
It is called 'Second Chance Offer' or similar. From your 'My ebay' page where your item that you sold is listed you have a drop down list of 'More actions'. On that list should be second chance link to offer the item to the next highest bidder.

Ebay removed the ability of a seller to leave negative feedback for a buyer for some unknown reason and whether they do much if you report an unpaid item I am not sure. What I do know is that ebay and Paypal always take a large slice of your price for the dubious privilege of selling through ebay. A classic case of no competition allowing the dominant company to fleece its customers.

4th Mar 2015, 21:28
There is competition in Ebid which should have romped away with the market being almost totally free.

Sad that it didn't.

4th Mar 2015, 21:36
I've been screwed the other way, winning and paying for an item, then getting this message from Ebay:

Hello ********,
We're writing to let you know that we've removed an item you recently won:
221695878443 - NEW 2015 GENPOWER 11kVA OSE Diesel Three Phase Generator - Commercial Site Farm

Since you've already paid for the item, you don't need to do anything else. If your item hasn't arrived yet, it should arrive soon. If it doesn't, then you'll want to open a case in our Resolution Centre. You can learn how to do this, plus find timelines for opening cases, at:........

Because of the items' value, I paid through the PayPal portal using my credit card, giving me (I think) two remedies for non-performance. The seller did send a message advising the item would be sent with track and trace info, but since then has been silent. The Seller has also been delisted by Ebay.

This puts me in limbo for the resolution period - I have to now wait until it's expiry before I can by the same item from other sellers.

5th Mar 2015, 01:54
What is annoying is eBay removing much of the ability to provide negative feedback to buyers who fail to complete a transaction.

What I now do, when I get a non-paying bidder, is block the buyer from bidding, forever - on any item I put up in the future.

Unfortunately, eBay has lost a vast amount of goodwill and good buyers, by their attitude in recent years.
I now find that eBay are only interested in high turnover sellers of new items. The amount of well-priced, good used items available - and the number of buyers for those items - is now dismal.

I used to sell a lot of good used, and NOS items on eBay, particularly NOS vehicle and industrial parts.
I now find that eBay is an exceptionally poor place to sell, and I now sell virtually nothing there.

It is now just an expensive marketplace, with no real interest in you as a part-time seller, unless you have a large retail business selling lots of new items - and eBay has passed its use-by date for those hobby sellers such as myself and tens of thousands of others.

5th Mar 2015, 08:04
onetrack - couldn't agree more.

Dickus - make sure you read the ebay conditions about getting your money back for non-delivery, there is a limited time scale and I missed out on one last year by a day too late.