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4th Mar 2015, 12:52
Two happily married (to women) acquaintances here - both tall and very masculine - decided to get away from their wives and have a few days in a nearby picturesque spot down the coast. They drove down past Barcelona and stopped at Sitges.

They must be the only two people here not knowing about Sitges. When they entered the hotel they'd chosen, they were met by two chaps who were the Catalan equivalent of Julian and Sandy. "oooh, my, look at these two bona hommes with such nice eeks, then..." and they were offered two single beds...."no, I think for these, it's got to be the matrimonial, don't you Joan ?" "ooh yes love, can't have them sleeping apart, can we now ?"

I'm not entirely sure they enjoyed the fuss....

4th Mar 2015, 13:23
Sitges ? with kids? Our family wouldn't holiday anywhere else | Travel | The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2014/may/23/sitges-catalonia-family-holiday-spain)

4th Mar 2015, 13:50
To be honest, the wife and I didn't know before we went there. When we returned and recounted our experiences, our friends fell about laughing. "YOU DIDN'T KNOW ?! you must be the only two people..." etc etc.

4th Mar 2015, 14:19
Never heard of Sitges. Thing: glad to be not a part of the chatterati.

4th Mar 2015, 14:46
Nice place, Sitges. Out of season.

4th Mar 2015, 14:59
OFSO..So what happened when you and your male pal retired to bed?

I'm thinking of a scene from the movie Trains, Planes, and Auto-mobiles:ok:

4th Mar 2015, 17:51
OFSO..So what happened when you and your male pal retired to bed?

Not me, matey, not me ! Two friends from down in town. What, me be given a 72hr pass away from she who must be obeyed ? You must be kidding !

However: Once Upon A Time I arrived in a small Baverian town on the side of a lake, to do my mariner's qualification (inland waterways) exams the next day. Due to a typical German schweinerei, the candidates were booked into an uncompleted hotel (top floor not finished) and I and a complete stranger of the male persuasion had to share a double bed. I spent all night trying to ensure that no part of me touched any part of him. I'm sure he did the same.

With, by the way, some success.

(Breakfast next morning: Weissbier, Blutwurst, Schnitzel, Pommes, Sauerkraut and Radi. The boat was gunnels down.)

4th Mar 2015, 18:13
I don't recall the precise details, but I was attending a conference, and the room arrangements were messed up and I had to share a room (and a bed) with the Chief Engineer of one of the other companies.

Nothing happened, but it remained a source of amusement at subsequent meetings of that committee.

It's funny how these events surface from the memory.

4th Mar 2015, 18:52
I rode a stallion in Sitges many years ago, what an experience :eek: However, he had four legs and was a thoroughbred and it was very much out of season, not a juan to be seen for miles :}

I spent the night in a double bed with a complete stranger (male) in a Zurich hotel room once. A very slack secretary had booked two people into a room to share, to save her boss money (but without telling the people) and also hadn't checked that the booked room had a double bed and not two singles….I arrived at 11pm at night, went to 'my' room to be greeted by a very surprised and pi$$ed off inhabitant. We then had to arrange ourselves in a none too big bed, as OFSO detailed trying very hard not to transgress on each other's space. I'd like to say it brought us closer and made the next day's work a doddle, but in truth the uneasy atmosphere from the previous night's ordeal never really dissipated :hmm:


4th Mar 2015, 20:02
The times I've had to do it just go top-to-tail; solves the problems.

4th Mar 2015, 20:07
Sort of soixante-neuf then...

4th Mar 2015, 21:42
Only happened to me once, spare pillows down the middle of the bed, worked well.

5th Mar 2015, 00:03
You bunch of girls :p On an escape and evasion course middle of the night, absolutely exhausted, raining cats and dogs, freezing cold, no shelter to be had, so the six or so lads lie down and spoon one another for some warmth and get a rather sound sleep.

5th Mar 2015, 05:28
So what's the punch line - why did they really go?
If they told the missus they were only after chicas, would they be let off?

5th Mar 2015, 09:55
Happened to me when a complete Victor crew were lent a small house in Kyrenia for the weekend when on a detachment to Akrotiri. The AEO and I drew the short straw for the double bed, but we were so out of it on kokkinelli and brandy sours by bedtime I doubt if we'd have noticed if there had been a gorilla sharing with us.

When I asked him at a V Force reunion a year or two back if he remembered once sharing a bed with me his expression was priceless!

5th Mar 2015, 11:03
Returned late to my hotel bedroom, switched on the light, girl in bed sat up and screamed. Down to reception, "I don't like to complain, but there's a girl in my bed." Allocated another bedroom. At end of trip, related story to my secretary.
Then I overheard her on the phone to the hotel booking agency, "DType would never leave with the room key, and even if he did he would have given it to me to return. Are you sure it wasn't the girl in his room who took it? Oh, let me explain that!"