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Loose rivets
3rd Mar 2015, 15:32
I thought it was time to get a scanner. I found an Epson 4450n locally for 35 quid. Last moment he told me it had no masks for the transparencies and further, I found it won't work on W8, so probably won't work on Ten - which I intend to try. (ouch)

One has to be careful with these 'bargains'.

I spend ages keeping kit compete and nice. How can kit like this be stripped of these very expensive parts? I had a mint condition 5' high Hitachi Pillar Drill which I had to sell. By the time I'd got the HUGE box from the attic, the bloke had thrown it on top of a load of tools in the back of his truck. Even that pales. My 50" Light Engine Sony was finally taken away when they'd exhausted all attempts to make me accept it. Puffed down the also vast box only to find the bloke skidding it along my drive wiping off BNC plugs and the like. Oh, my.

No one got a broken Epson 4450n I suppose?

bugged on the right
3rd Mar 2015, 16:20
Mr Rivets, I had the same problem when my HDD recently bit the dust . I have a beautiful Canon Lide 30 scanner which is small and powered by usb. No drivers for it for Win 7 but my Vuescan Pro runs it just fine. Also runs the Coolscan 4 for slides.

Solid Rust Twotter
3rd Mar 2015, 16:36
Build a trebuchet and fire it through the seller's roof, Mr Rivets.

You know you want to...:E

Private jet
3rd Mar 2015, 23:23
I believe the term is "built in obsolescence" Product manufacturers don't make money if their previous product lasts 20 years now do they?

4th Mar 2015, 00:52
From a friend who's climbing the management ladder - manufacturing, not sales - in the motor industry:

"We just can't afford for *anyone* to think they can own a car more than seven years. Seven's long been our magic number. It will never change."

4th Mar 2015, 05:38
The French government is bringing in laws forcing manufacturers to give information on product lifespan.....

It is news that will cheer anyone who has struggled to get a vacuum cleaner, fridge or TV repaired only to be told it’s probably cheaper to buy a new one. A new government decree in France is forcing manufacturers to tell consumers how long their appliances will last (http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/france-wants-companies-to-make-appliances-that-last-longer/2015/03/02/b39b326e-c0fa-11e4-a188-8e4971d37a8d_story.html). French companies will also have to inform consumers how long spare parts for the product will be available, or risk a fine of up to €15,000 (£11,000).
And if this wasn’t enough, from next year faulty products – whether it’s mobile phones to washing machines – will have to be repaired or replaced for free within two years of being purchased.
The French government hope this will help to combat “planned obsolescence” – the practice of designing products with restricted life spans to ensure consumers will buy more.
End of the line for stuff that's built to die? | Technology | The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/technology/shortcuts/2015/mar/03/has-planned-obsolesence-had-its-day-design)

I have long suspected that companies like Apple deliberately hold back features that could have been incorporated in their new products in order to coerce their gullible consumers to buy the upgrade as soon as it is released.

The charity even claims to have encountered a “kill chip” designed by manufacturers to disable printers so that “after a certain amount of print-outs, ink will have leaked in a way that makes the printer unviable”. Will French law make planned obsolesence obsolete? Peut-être.Peut-être............indeed!

4th Mar 2015, 09:44
Same problem here. After taking the plunge and nerving myself up for all the hassle, I finally upgraded my and SWMBO's PCs to Windoze 7. I had to replace a perfectly good Scanjet (with slide scanner attachment) for a new Xerox, simply because nobody has produced a Win7 driver for the HP. Anybody want an HP scanner?

4th Mar 2015, 10:32
UniFoxOs I'm sure you have tried this, but my Windows 7 system didn't require a driver for my printer/scanner etc, I just plugged the USB in and they talked to each other instantly.:)

4th Mar 2015, 10:54
Beau, I tried mine and it didn't work. Before upgrading I had found by gooogling that there was supposed to be an emulation method included with Win7 that would work it - but when it came to the crunch it didn't. I wasn't totally surprised*. All my other kit worked no problem - printer, external HDD, Fdd, DVDW etc.

* Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.

4th Mar 2015, 14:03
LR, Transparencies?

Sooooo 1999 :rolleyes:

4th Mar 2015, 17:56
I have long suspected that companies like Apple deliberately hold back features

Give it a rest. :rolleyes:

How about you go spend a few years in the hardware manufacturing and software development industries and then come back, bet you wouldn't even contemplate writing the same thing.

Its simply not possible to design all imaginable features into a product into one go, and even if it were, there would still be new features that were not forseen ... and that people like you would complain about not being implemented !

I mean, for heavens sake, look at the pace of technology development over the last 10 years ! Ten years ago we had the ubiquitous Nokia 6210, the most exciting thing about it was being able to play the naive black and white snake game over infra-red with another player (as long as they were sitting infront of you and you kept your infra-red transceivers in range). Now in 2015, you sit here and you complain about your incorrect beliefs that Apple are deliberately holding back features on the iPhone ...

4th Mar 2015, 18:15
Are you sure that's the right model number - doesn't seem to come up as a scanner.

Whatever, before you bin it, try VueScan and see if it recognises the thing - you might get lucky, And if you do it's probably a better driver than the one that came with it.