View Full Version : Is this Facebook "phishing"?

Old Photo.Fanatic
28th Feb 2015, 15:36
I do not subscribe to any social networks , Facebook etc.

I keep getting emails saying I have incoming facebook messages.
What is this all about.?

I do not open any messages etc unless I absolutely sure its genuine.
Any info on this would be most appreciated.


28th Feb 2015, 15:44
Old photo........Ignore and delete.

28th Feb 2015, 15:45
Almost certainly yes.

There are ways to check, but given you've already stated your lack of interest in Facebook, I wouldn't bother wasting your time and just delete the message instead.

28th Feb 2015, 15:56
Don't delete them manually - set your email to filter them, save time in the future.

28th Feb 2015, 16:12
Swmbo (not a member of FB) suddenly started getting emails from them in a similar manner.
Turned out some brain-transplant-donor with the same name as her, had signed up & quoted her email address in their profile, for a reason known only to themselves.
FB were useless. (eventually got hold of a human, they sent an email saying "reply to this to prove you own the email address". I did. Immediately got an automated reply saying "this account is not monitored, do not reply to it").
A direct message to the person concerned got no reply (it was a genuine account).
Eventual solution was to try & log into the account on FB: request a new password, which came to swmbo's email: using new password, log into account: delete it. Then set up a seperate account using swmbo's email address to stop anyone else using it (FB won't allow duplications, apparently).
What a palaver.

28th Feb 2015, 16:37
A long time ago I bought a domain for non-personal use. It has 1 email address and it is the 'garbage' collector. When a website wants an email address they get that domain using the site info as a unique identifier. So this site got [email protected] This allows me to do a few things.

If I get something addressed to pprune that is not from pprune chances are they sold my email address.

I can block the offending email any time I want without screwing up other emails.

It keeps my true personal email address (another bought domain) 'clean' and for friends only.

By having a personal domain email I can change ISPs without doing tons of address change emails. Same for the non-personal domain.