View Full Version : A320 IGN A B A+B FAULT MEL

27th Feb 2015, 03:42
dont really understand the wording "one displayed" and "two displayed" in the MEL IGN A (B) (A+B) fault . anyone can explain ?

27th Feb 2015, 07:46
It is probably MEL for ECAM caution/warning-it means ECAM IGN FAULT displaying function, not for ignition itself. Ref.74-09-01 ENG 1(2) IGN A(B)(A+B) FAULT Alert. You can dispatch A/C with IGN 1 A+B FAULT if it is false warning,for example. Maintenance is required to verify normal ignition operation.

27th Feb 2015, 10:11
I think it refers to the number of cautions displayed on ECAM.