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26th Feb 2015, 17:03
Not living the dream: the five most overrated jobs - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/11434946/Not-living-the-dream-the-five-most-overrated-jobs.html)

It is often true that things look more interesting from afar, though sometimes that can be reversed, but do we really know how certain jobs/industries are at the coal face….One of the commenters was a pilot bemoaning the fact that he was busy for the beginning and end of a flight, but then subjected to 10hrs of a potentially boring aloof cockpit partner ;)


26th Feb 2015, 18:49
but then subjected to 10hrs of a potentially boring aloof cockpit partner

That's usually why I slept though that part of the flight.

Not all the time mind you, sometimes I'd read a book. :E

26th Feb 2015, 19:17
If you want to be a happy pilot, don't be a pilot in the UK.


I'm a pilot in India, and very happy. Won't be working in the UK again.

26th Feb 2015, 22:37
Not by physically transferring the pilot on board, but rather by giving a ground-based guy control of take-off, and another one control of landing.

Call me old fashioned but I prefer my pilots to be taking the same risks as me.

26th Feb 2015, 22:44
Call me old fashioned but I prefer my pilots to be taking the same risks as me.

Yup. The day the pointy end gets turned into extra first class seats is the day I stop flying.

26th Feb 2015, 22:51
I have flown in the pointy end of a B747 (in First Class).

I was disappointed that there was no forward view.

26th Feb 2015, 22:57
I have flown in the pointy end of a B747 (in First Class).

You old farts have too much money... :cool:

26th Feb 2015, 23:08
I was 'Shanghaied' in Hong Kong, having gone there on business and to travel to Singapore to continue my business.

The native Chinese who was to accompany me to Singapore neglected to inform me that I needed to reconfirm my flight, so there was no space for me.
He refused to step down and allow me to travel.
It was pointless him travelling on his own as it was me who had travelled from Europe for the purpose of this meeting in Singapore.

The only way that I could get onboard that aircraft was to buy a First Class seat - I couldn't even upgrade my existing ticket.

When I got back to Europe my employer didn't turn a hair when I submitted my expenses.

I had previously enquired of my employer (when I joined them) what my 'allowances' were - ie how much I was expected to spend.
The reply was that there was no limit, that I was to consider the company's money as my own, but to spend 'what was necessary to get the job done'.
My First Class ticket (in addition to my unrefundable standard ticket) was considered to be justifiable expense in order to get the job done that I had been sent to Hong Kong and Singapore to do.

27th Feb 2015, 09:57
They didn't mention Quality Assurance tester in a brothel......

27th Feb 2015, 11:01
And job-sharing that with the same post in a brewery??

27th Feb 2015, 11:07
G-CPTN, Air Canada stuck me upstairs at the pointy end of a 747 on one flight. No view, but the meals were pretty decent and so, fortunately, was the company.

27th Feb 2015, 11:20
I've managed it twice. The first time was on a business trip coming back from Athens on a bank holiday, the only flight available, booked by my company, was first class Athens to Zurich then steerage Zurich to Manchester. (I've still got the Swissair free penknife). The second was an upgrade from business class travelling Thai from Seoul to Hongkong. Unfortunately I was suffering the after effects of a dodgy meal in Seoul the previous evening :yuk: so slept the entire flight and had to be woken by the cabin crew on finals into HK.:{


27th Feb 2015, 11:53
Only time I got upgraded to First from Business was on a Kuwait Airlines ( accountants said it was cheapest!) from Singapore to UK.

The lie-flat bed was great - only time I've slept properly on an aircraft! - but Kuwait Air was dry - al hamdu lillah!

But the orange juice was the best I've tasted :ugh:.......... and served from silver coffee pots!

27th Feb 2015, 14:27
I got a bump from the Kuwaitis too, LHR-KWI-CGK return booked J class and got bumped to first for all except the initial LHR-KWI sector.

Got a bigger bump up from cattle class LAX-HNL many moons ago.

As a reverse, employer prohibited first class tickets being provided, my grade was allowed J Class only. I had to travel between two cities, 1 hr flight each way. The only seats were first and cattle, admin wouldn't book cattle class as I was "entitled" to J...

So was sent on a four sector multi country trip in J at what was probably three times the cost of a single sector trip in first.


27th Feb 2015, 15:59
mini, I was giving a paper at a conference in Orlando, and wanted to fly in and out as quickly as possible (2 nights stay). Only biz tx available for when I wanted to travel. Our admin lot said "Oh, no, you can't fly biz; we'll get something sorted out". They did. It involved 8 nights in Orlando and, to cap it all, I was called there to see whether I could get to Hawai`i to fix a software issue. I had only packed for Florida, so in Hawai`i I had to buy suitable clothing for work at 14000ft at night. Apologies to all UK taxpayers, but it cost you a fekn fortune as admin wouldn't spring for the better ticket.

27th Feb 2015, 18:37
Apologies to all UK taxpayers, but it cost you a fekn fortune as admin wouldn't spring for the better ticket.

I feel your pain. When I worked for the US Government we spent an average of three nights a week in hotels. I did my best to make sure we stayed in 'full service' hotels, but on occasion we'd end up staying in a hotel that had no restaurant nor any within walking distance. So I would get a taxi to go to a local restaurant and submit the taxi bill with my expense report, which was paid.

Until one day they kicked back the taxi bill. So I sent an inquiry back as to why the taxi cost were no longer covered. Basically the answer from Washington was, "Cause we say so." Undaunted I sent another query to Washington, 'Just pray tell what are we supposed to do when staying at a hotel with no dinning facilities nor any within walking distance?'

Their answer, "Rent a car."

"WTF, so instead of spending 10-20 bucks on a taxi, you want me to spend anywhere from 50 dollars and up to rent a car?"

'That's right.' was the smug reply.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
27th Feb 2015, 19:15
I was in 1st (no biz class seats left) in a Singapore Airlines something-or-other and fancied a forward view of the approach and landing at Singapore. So I produced my PPL and got invited through the little door at the front of the 1st class cabin from where there was a wonderful view!

Used to do that a lot, back when you could.

Another occasion I was in 'cattle' (off to the 'States to work on a bid, so not directly revenue earning - revenue earning got biz class) in a BA Tristar (so some time ago). Got the jump seat for T/O from MAN (wow, those Tristar cockpit windows are massive!). Once we were west of Ireland so no more 'view' I thanked the crew and made my way back to cattle, meeting the 1st class drinks trolley on the way. I carried my G&T in its nice 1st class glass back into cattle, where the friendly steward was only too happy to keep it topped up for me. :ok:

Returning from that trip we were early at check-in and in suits having come straight from a meeting. "We're a little overbooked in the back, would you mind going biz class?". ;)

28th Feb 2015, 20:40
Every time I checked in for a trip to the Far East I would flash my BALPA card.

It worked about one out of three, normally J but on two occasions first.