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26th Feb 2015, 11:08
First Human Head Transplant Could Happen In 2017 (http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/first-human-head-transplant-could-happen-in-2017/ar-BBhYt0r?ocid=mailsignoutmd)

:uhoh: Well, I suppose that it's possible, but what kind of creature would arise ? Would your brain function with the new body, or is it designed to only work with the one it came with ? Would the soul, or the unknowable part of us come too, or would it stay with the deceased body ? I've read of cases where people who have had organ transplants developed tastes, thoughts and emotions of the donor, as if there were some emotional essence left within the organ from the previous owner. I also met a chap some years ago, who fell through some ice into an Canadian tundra lake and was 'dead' for 2hrs, but was hauled out by rescuers and was resuscitated and went on to live a normal life…Except, as it became apparent, his personality had changed, and not for the better. It was as though he were a different person. Perhaps this head transplanting business will be the same for the recipients ?


26th Feb 2015, 11:15
After this, the person would be put into a coma for around four weeks to prevent them moving while they heal

AFTER THIS??? :eek: I would hope that being knocked out would happen some time BEFORE the transplant!!! ;)

26th Feb 2015, 12:37
Which head is being transplanted?

26th Feb 2015, 12:52
Does this mean that if someone with a first name of Richard obtains a head transplant can also be known as dick head? :}

*Yes, I'll go quietly now.

26th Feb 2015, 12:57
New job title ?


26th Feb 2015, 13:47
Who'll be found at Head Office....

bugged on the right
26th Feb 2015, 17:44
They could stick 3 heads on a body and call him a policeman. Well well well, said the man with 3 heads, what's all this then?

26th Feb 2015, 18:08
So where do you get the donor from? Middle east! presume you need an undamaged body.

26th Feb 2015, 19:25
Hmmm, that's something to consider if you're young and healthy and end up attached to someone else's head :hmm: I read earlier today about some Russian TV actor who was seduced by some gorgeous lady in a bar and woke up with…….no scrotum :ooh: Not a joke apparently, the lady gets unsuspecting men into bed, drugs them and either she or other carefully remove the victim's scrotum by scalpel for use in surgery on another :uhoh: Strange world.


27th Feb 2015, 06:43
So .. a headless man walks into a doctors surgery ..... hang on, this news just ruined numerous good jokes! :)

27th Feb 2015, 08:31
One is reminded of the story of the good looking actress who said to George Bernard Shaw "Mr, Shaw, if we got together with my beauty and your brains, what a wonderful child we would produce!"

To which GBS responded "Yes, but supposing the poor thing had my beauty and your brains"

27th Feb 2015, 10:33
Mans head on woman's body or vice versa?

27th Feb 2015, 11:27
Bernie Ecclestone could live for ever...

He looks like he already has. :hmm:

27th Feb 2015, 11:38
Head transplant?

Er, point of order.

Wouldn't that be a body transplant?

Thinks... Perhaps we'd need to forbid the wearing of helmets by cyclists and motor cyclists, in order to create a manageable source of bodies for transplantation?

As regards personality changes, I was on a heart and lung machine for some time, with my own heart stopped while they did an overhaul of its plumbing. It worked fine, but Missus says my personality changed - for the better in my case: I have been a much more relaxed fellow since then.

27th Feb 2015, 13:00
my personality changed - for the better in my case: I have been a much more relaxed fellow since thenI experienced a similar change after my 'life-changing' medical event.

It might be that I am now living on 'borrowed time' - ie time that I didn't think I was going to get when the medical event occurred - I thought that I was a goner . . .

mr fish
27th Feb 2015, 21:13
I volunteer my wife's head onto my body....

maybe after 30 years i'll find out what she keeps laughing at......SOB!!!


P.S. my grasp of the logic here is loose.

Loose rivets
27th Feb 2015, 22:08
silly rule number of words.

28th Feb 2015, 11:45
Wouldn't it be easier to keep a human head on a life support system?

Rupert, are you listening? I could then charge $1 for the general public to take a p!ss on it.

2nd Mar 2015, 10:05
Could full body transplants really be possible in two years? (http://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/medical/could-full-body-transplants-really-be-possible-in-two-years/ar-BBi0q8Z)

2nd Mar 2015, 10:11
Would the soul

Easy: just change the shoes over.

3rd Mar 2015, 07:32
- I thought that I was a goner . . . Yes, me too. When I met Death his breath smelled of peppermint.

I'm very cautious now whenever I smell the scent of peppermint. My Dad smelled peppermint too. I wonder if he smelled it the second time? One thing is for sure, I'll find out for myself someday.

3rd Mar 2015, 08:16
The ghost of Mary Shelley might just have a wry smile on her lips.