View Full Version : It's only easy when they're not firing back!

25th Feb 2015, 17:36
Iran blows up mock US aircraft carrier in the Gulf | GulfNews.com (http://gulfnews.com/news/region/iran/iran-blows-up-mock-us-aircraft-carrier-in-the-gulf-1.1462558)

Lon More
25th Feb 2015, 18:24
It'll never happen to the Andrew

26th Feb 2015, 00:13
Speedboats = Phalanx Phodder:E

John Hill
26th Feb 2015, 01:00
Speedboats against aircraft carriers? Almost as daft as biplanes against battleships!:cool:

26th Feb 2015, 01:40
Like Taranto, John?

Or was it the demise of the Bismarck you were referring to?

Una Due Tfc
26th Feb 2015, 01:52
Wow, I completely forgot carriers park up within range of coastal speedboats when launching their fighters......oh wait.

They may as well have destroyed the dam thing with mortars

26th Feb 2015, 01:58
Whenever the USN puts a carrier group into the very restricted waters of the Arabian/Persian Gulf, UDT, they do exactly that.

26th Feb 2015, 02:01
Every single US carrier has at least one buddy who is not visible under normal operating conditions ...

eastern wiseguy
26th Feb 2015, 04:52
As mentioned above....Phalanx Phodder...


They may well have an unseen friend......but this could cause them even more difficulties.

John Hill
26th Feb 2015, 05:05
Phalanx Phodder... maybe, Phalanx has not been without some difficulties.

IIRC that clip of the boat being shot was an accidental shooting was it not?

Whatever, I think it is BS that that was a Phalanx in action as the first few shots miss the boat.