View Full Version : F-8 Crusader considered for Royal Navy?

25th Feb 2015, 15:52
I don't think that I've ever heard of the F-8 being considered, back in the day, as an alternative to the later-selected F-4 Phantom but I just read such in an old magazine.

Does anyone know the full story on this and reasons for the choice that was made?

25th Feb 2015, 16:04
I would guess the fact that the Crusader was single engined would be one factor. It also had some issues "coming aboard the boat". The early ones at least, were basically day fighters. (Note that a squadron of Crusaders would be paired up with a squadron of all weather fighters, like Skyrays, at least in the early days of F8 carrier operations.)

In short, probably too specialized for FAA service.

As always of course, I stand to be corrected :O

25th Feb 2015, 19:41
The F-8 was proposed by Shorts, Spey powered and with UK avionics. I think there was some added blowery stuff too, to cope with small RN decks.
RN wanted the F-4 all along, and got their wish.