View Full Version : Recognise the Aeroplane & Pilot?

25th Feb 2015, 10:10

A friend of mine has discovered lots of photos which showed that his granfather was a pilot between the Wars.

I do not know when this one was taken but it would help if someone could tell me what the aeroplane is. The pilot's name was Fred Palmer and if anyone can shed any light on his life, we would be very grateful.

I have been trying in vain to post the actual picture.

25th Feb 2015, 10:32
Its a BOAC Avro York.

Wikipedia has a decent entry on the history of the type, and BOACs fleet.

25th Feb 2015, 10:33
The aircraft is an Avro York; BOAC used them from late 1944 until 1957 (primarily as freighters). Unfortunately nothing known of Fred Palmer.