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tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 15:27
Buggah! that were complicated
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/Deaddogbay002/Creation_zpss7co5e8j.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/Deaddogbay002/Creation_zpss7co5e8j.jpg.html)


24th Feb 2015, 15:32
Okay, Captain ... all I had to do was delete my first post and, since it was the first one, the thread was automatically deleted so all is now shipshape and as it should be. :ok:

24th Feb 2015, 15:35
And I got my shoes onboard :ok:

24th Feb 2015, 15:36
Afternoon all. Glorious sunny one hereabouts, car thermometer was reading 10C. :)
SRT many years ago, the stair gate was left undone and I awoke to a fully grown Newfoundland laying across both my legs, I thought paralysis had set in overnight. :ouch:

24th Feb 2015, 15:38
Afternoon folks.

I now declare the bar on this fine ship open. :ok:

24th Feb 2015, 15:39
Ooh good, mine's a large one. :ok:

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 15:41
Suns come out here now,hoofing it down five minutes ago. :uhoh:

Lon More
24th Feb 2015, 15:45
stop boasting Beaufort; you'll frighten the horses.

Towel please. The water was cold and deep

24th Feb 2015, 16:00
Wonder if a stateroom is still available - orf to lookie see. :rolleyes:

wings folded
24th Feb 2015, 16:02
Which fellow passenger took my complimentary large single malt at the top of the gangplank? So I didn't get it? Heh?

24th Feb 2015, 16:09
Where's me new cabin ?

west lakes
24th Feb 2015, 16:21
I dunno, get involved with a discussion at work and miss it all as I travel home, b ut I suppose this is a second one!

Solid Rust Twotter
24th Feb 2015, 16:23
There are times one dreams of having a furkid squashing one's drumsticks, Mr Beaufort. Yer doesn't know how good yers has it....:ok:

Reaching over the side of the bunk to tickle the furry ears before drifting back off to sleep is one of those sublime comfort things one misses in the sandpit.

24th Feb 2015, 16:29
Yo ho me hearties!!!

Just off to stash my shoes in my bespoke cedar-wood closet in my de luxe cabin (a girl can dream) then I'll be back to toast the new voyage.

Exascot I trust you picked up some lemons to go with all that gin???

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 16:30
Dont think the new shoreside staff know they are supposed to lock the old thread and transfer it to the library at the end of the universe.
Yon old ship will be filling up wi dossers winos and down and outs of every ilk.:uhoh:
Answer for Mr Ian to question he shouted across just as the old girl went down(no sniggering) tiz a microsoft webcam studio special or summat it shoots filums in full HD

Whiskey Kilo Wanderer
24th Feb 2015, 16:47
On the new Vessel Bridge Wing, just transfer the running fix from our previous vessel and confirm we are back on our great circle track.

24th Feb 2015, 16:49
I see that there will be several peeps on a charge come the morrow for continuing to occupy the old vessel. :ooh:

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 16:56
Forgot to say, well done number two, now giz me whistle back. :rolleyes:

24th Feb 2015, 17:26
I am trying to get all the bars stocked but Fluffy keeps interfering :eek:

Who put two young Thai girls into my executive cabin? I will continue with interviews tomorrow for services required.

Admiral, what is the name of our new ship? I can authorise Squiffy Pussy IV.

wings folded
24th Feb 2015, 17:41
My cabin/broom cupboard contains, apart from two brooms (one badly worn, nearly down to the wood) approx 400 boxes of shoes, mostly of Floridian or Swiss origin, with a scattering of Australian ones.

Oh, and a pair of ballerina's pumps labelled US Rangers.

To whom do I complain?

24th Feb 2015, 17:42
I imagine a few of our recently joined pals will be scratching their heads!

Can you shove your milk bottle pic on the first post Drapes or is it a job done by a superior being who we miss??

wings, may I suggest that you search lifeboat number 5 for your gold watch....:p

24th Feb 2015, 17:43
Phew! Just made it up the gangway. I went ashore off the old boat to purchase some victuals (both solid and liquid). When I came back, there was a fella with a ginormous musket stopping folks get on. Fortunately, he pointed at this fine vessel and told me I should get my @r$e on it sharpish before it leaves harbour!!

wings folded
24th Feb 2015, 17:54
Can anybody reassure me that if Captain Schettino is aboard, his duties are limited to entertaining Balkan/Baltic/Eastern European lady pax.

A 45 degree list would send all those shoe boxes flying in all directions, which would sting a bit

24th Feb 2015, 18:26
Why does Tony Draper's number of Posts never change?

It's always 82!

24th Feb 2015, 18:41
Wow that was a fast swim, Atlantic is a bit choppy at the moment.

Need to warm up and get some dry clothes.

24th Feb 2015, 18:42
Uh-oh-Mr. Spanner said the P word.

24th Feb 2015, 19:21
Jet Blast is considered a sub-culture whose contributors are too lowly for their efforts to be worthy of recognition in terms of the number of their contributions which is reserved for those who inhabit the exalted world of those fora with technical discussions on matters aeronautical.

But they're not nearly as much fun:O


wings folded
24th Feb 2015, 19:22
Where people talk absolute crap, unlike here where the conversations are highly uplifting.

24th Feb 2015, 19:25
Some bugger stole me Mars bar, it was the last
thing that I stowed in me kit bag and now its gone.... lookout !!


tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 19:30
Micheal Angelo's picture of the milk bottle just used to appear by magic I know not from whence.:uhoh:

24th Feb 2015, 19:34
Micheal Angelo

Wasn't he in The Sopranos?


tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 19:51
No I have pictures of all the Soprano characters on me bedroom wall, :rolleyes:
Actually I found the picture using proon search but its the wrong format I cant open it to send it forth to my bucket. :(
Says it's a JPG file worrever that is.:uhoh:
Here be the link if someone knows how to do puter stuff and change it to a proper file civilians know how to use.

24th Feb 2015, 20:04
Only just, busy footie night

http://i1133.photobucket.com/albums/m599/wodrick/Creation.jpg (http://s1133.photobucket.com/user/wodrick/media/Creation.jpg.html)

Steal away

24th Feb 2015, 20:07

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 20:07
Wont let me save that to me desktop either says it's not a valid bitmap,worrever them is.:uhoh:

24th Feb 2015, 20:08
Deja double view. :}

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 20:17
Right gorrit Mr Beaufort,transferred to first post, you are a diamond. :rolleyes:

24th Feb 2015, 20:38
All a bit technical, this malarkey.

Bring back the days of Slasher, Singapore Girl, shoes and The Brothers . . . .


cockney steve
24th Feb 2015, 20:43
everyone saying that the max. no. of entries is 10,000,- yet the last one is showing as 10,009......methinks someone has been had. a bit like those printers which say "ink empty, replace cartridge" even though the damned thing is visibly half full..

Well, Mr. Printer con-man, I use [email protected] printers nowadays and just rechip the cartridge or reset it. :p:ok: up yours.!

west lakes
24th Feb 2015, 20:51
everyone saying that the max. no. of entries is 10,000,- yet the last one is showing as 10,009......methinks someone has been had.

An earlier version of the softwear did limit a thread to 10,000 posts, though it does not any more does not matter as tradition of XXV TRABBs means that we stick to that figure.

Not 'cos we have to, because the regulars and the FSL want to.

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 20:58
Threads used to be limited to 100 posts, Danny pounced on em at 100 and snip! they were gone.
Summat to do with the server as was the later 10,000 limit

24th Feb 2015, 21:05
Excellent result at the Emptyhead. Well done Barca.

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 21:11
Buggah! forgot that was on, was watching Deadwood anyway.:uhoh:

Capn Notarious
24th Feb 2015, 21:44
In December I received a book about knots.
Not proficient enough for shipboard work.
But I have started hanging up the green bottles; for the choir to sing about.

24th Feb 2015, 21:57
My deceased brother was, when he was a youth, a scout (Baden Powell type).
He 'made' a knot which was a complete sphere (on the end of a string 'tail').

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 22:07
A Turks Head?:)

24th Feb 2015, 22:17
A Turks Head?

24th Feb 2015, 23:53
Better get some shut eye. In 24 hours time I'll be in Russia....

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 23:58
I have a feeling that in 24 hours Russia could be here.:uhoh:

25th Feb 2015, 00:06
Better get that bitmap thingie sorted Mr. D. Most pic files are Jpeg.
Bitmap went out with steam powered hefalumps.

25th Feb 2015, 01:29
Forgot to say, well done number two, now giz me whistle back.
Here ya go, Captain Draper, sir ...


... I've even made a nice, new lanyard for you. :ok:

He 'made' a knot which was a complete sphere (on the end of a string 'tail').
That's called a Monkey's Fist knot, like so ...


And a Turk's Head is like this ...


The Turk's Head is "hollow" and often used as woggles by scouts, and the Monkey's Fist is solid and was often used to add weight to a rope before throwing it.

25th Feb 2015, 04:13
Morning folks. Buck's Fizz served in all bars for breakfast to celebrate our first day aboard. This will continue for 24 hrs to cater for all time zones. Visiting other shipmates time zones is encouraged. :ok:

My father in the UK seems to have stopped his roller coaster ride. Me thinks he will not pick up again. But, as the consultant said, 'He's a tough old bugger'.

Solid Rust Twotter
25th Feb 2015, 04:47
...did anyone remember Fluffy's cat food.

Hasn't he moved into LB #5 until Fluffy's done with the one in the chain locker?

25th Feb 2015, 04:57
Permission to board? - sorry about running late

25th Feb 2015, 05:53
Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night all
(that should cover everyone).

I must say I'm quite pleased with my new cabin.
Hope everybody else is as happy with their accommodation.


25th Feb 2015, 06:32
Mine is similar, except the bed is on a rotating platform allowing it to be orientated using Feng Shui principles.

Lon More
25th Feb 2015, 06:33
Some bugger stole me Mars bar, it was the last
thing that I stowed in me kit bag and now its gone.... lookout !!
Fried it with bacon egg and a square slice for breakfast, Thanks

Lon More
25th Feb 2015, 06:52
Knot sure what this one is.Nice narrowboat fender though

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y204/Badyin/naamloos%2042_zpsx8a3fsop.png (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/Badyin/media/naamloos%2042_zpsx8a3fsop.png.html)


25th Feb 2015, 06:57
Morning all, the first of the next seven months voyage (about)

A beautiful, if breezy, morning. Very good vis for the morning and the Dark Continent clearly visible. This is very rare as it is usually an evening event.

Car serviced but has a problem with the Timing Chain, deferred, NSA.

tony draper
25th Feb 2015, 07:02
Morning peeps,bluish sky out there this morning,one is almost afraid to say tinternet seems ok this morning.
You appear to be skilled in that sort of work Madam Blue Diamond so one is considering giving you a break from the stout sail canvas underpants and knicker workshop this trip and setting you the task of knitting wooly covers for the anchors.
Victorian Sculpture,made by artists in flat caps wi feckin big hammers. :ok:
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/Deaddogbay002/10649777_1043922645622905_4625879822147311520_n_zpsih5v0gzv. jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/Deaddogbay002/10649777_1043922645622905_4625879822147311520_n_zpsih5v0gzv. jpg.html)

25th Feb 2015, 07:18
Morning all.

Too much brown sauce on sausage sarnie this morning, as it has dribbled on to my sweatshirt cuff. :rolleyes:

Very windy overnight. Collected many fallen lemons on the dog walk.

25th Feb 2015, 07:38
We have three pelicans on the lagoon at the moment. Below is the view from the bar at the safari camp yesterday lunchtime, you can just about make out the three pelicans in the distance.



25th Feb 2015, 08:04
Thank you, unnamed German airport security, for letting my 10 year old daughter keep her 200 ml cough syrup, that she hadn't put in the checked in luggage because her mother told her its important she takes it. Seriously, no irony, great guys. Faith in humanity restored.

25th Feb 2015, 08:50
That's a win, deptrai! Well done those officers. :ok:

You appear to be skilled in that sort of work Madam Blue Diamond so one is considering giving you a break from the stout sail canvas underpants and knicker workshop this trip and setting you the task of knitting wooly covers for the anchors.
One admits to a certain degree of proficiency in that area, Captain. I recently made a cobra-knot belt for my nephew from paracord and I have a couple of Turks Head "woggles" here that I made in different colours for tidying the ends of my scarves. In addition, I am actually very good at knitting (can knit just about anything actually). Looking forward to an extended break from handling that stout canvas though ... it is SO rough on the fingers! Not to mention other places ...

Once the fluffy pink anchor covers are finished one shall commence work on a matching bonnet for the radome. :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
25th Feb 2015, 08:56
Sweet Underpants of Hekla, Mr Ascot!:ooh:

It's been a long winter wherever those pale ntombezaans are from. Might want to warn them to go long on the suntan lotion and short on the exposure. Ten minutes in direct sunlight could kill them...

25th Feb 2015, 09:11
Bring back the days of Slasher, Singapore Girl, shoes and The Brothers . . . .I do believe that boarding passes were issued and sent ( By Royal Mail), they should have them one day.

Sorry for the delay in reporting, the frangible thwistle managed to engage the reverse widget causing a hiccup in the Tardis reactor. I think Bluey has been making hard landings in Paris again, and the Frogs havd been using the back panels as a pissoir.

I think there has been a mistake with my cabin, I ordered a non share, and good lighting. This isnt good enough. How does one get black n white lighting???


25th Feb 2015, 09:18
Morning. Wet here, but going to dry up later apparently.

exascot - I can't see the bally pelicans at all! But what I do see are loads of women, but no men. Can you not control yourself man?!

drapes - Sorry I put you to a load of grief with the milk bottle. The place isn't the same without it. Thanks to those who assisted.

lon - That is naughty, nicking a man's Mar Bar from his lunch box.

Reminds of me shortly after I started work as a messenger and some of the chaps nicked a quiet bloke's banana. When he realised it was gone, he pronounced, "This has ruined my day." Walked out to the nearest pub, tied one on and went home.

He came in the next day at the usual time and nothing was ever said. No-one ever nicked his banana again either for fear that within this quiet man lurked a tortured soul that would do heinous and painful things to anyone he caught pinching his banana....:ooh:

25th Feb 2015, 09:45
the Monkey's Fist is solid and was often used to add weight to a rope before throwing it.

I think the FSL is more interested in applying the monkey's fist to the ship's discipline system than chucking a rope away :ooh: :E


25th Feb 2015, 10:10
Cabin's OK. It isn't en-suite but there's always the porthole. :rolleyes:

...those who inhabit the exalted world of those fora with technical discussions on matters aeronautical.Being of a technical persuasion, engaged in Avionics wizardry for half of the entire history of powered flight and a MRAeS, one used to post in the technical fora, but gave it up as a bad job. I could no longer put up with the amateurs and MS Flight Simulator nutters who infest the formerly hallowed halls. PPRuNe is not the place it was in the days when Danny owned and ran it. Could also be why we're missing a certain someone these days.

Its so much nicer in TRABB and one meets a nicer class of people here.

25th Feb 2015, 10:23
One has had a word to the Purser, I think he was trying to trick me. This is my new cabin, the other was for the stokers I believe.. Dont know why we have stokers, this ship is powered by a Tardis Time warp reactor, dont need stoking..

I will untie the Pursers thumbs tomorrow, just before he takes that long walk off a short plank.

http://www.exadasyachts.com/system/product_assets/000/009/035/full_size_Daloli%20-%20Heesen%20120%20Motor%20Yacht%20charter%20in%20Greece%20re nt%20boat%20luxury%20rental%20cabin%20(2).jpg

joy ride
25th Feb 2015, 10:56
You dirty rotten swines, you. I do not like this "Being left all alone in a sinking ship" game. I called for my captai all night: "Captain Schettino", I called, "Where are you Captain Schettino?" but he and everyone else had jumped ship, you dirty rotted swines. ;)

Morning all.

Lon More
25th Feb 2015, 11:10
http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y204/Badyin/character_bluebottle_thumb_zpst00oi7jb.gif (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/Badyin/media/character_bluebottle_thumb_zpst00oi7jb.gif.html)

the dreaded deading is approaching.

25th Feb 2015, 11:14
Was volunteered as a bag carrier for a foray to Mr T. Esco's Emporium this morning. I thought the day was a right off but NO there in the freezer I did espy Holland's Steak and Kidney puds and what is more these were made with Guinness.

I've just tried one and am now a very happy bunny. :)

25th Feb 2015, 11:26
Nice cabins, hf and Avi ... I've chosen this one ...


25th Feb 2015, 11:37
Yours is a bit of a blank slate Bluey

Joy Ride, we have had complaints from the cleaners, seems you have had a nice refreshing swim and are now dripping gallons of salt water every where. Please go to your cabin and clean up or you may end up in the stokers quarters

joy ride
25th Feb 2015, 11:48
I have just my bath, oooooeraghhh, <<sploooosh>>>.....I have fallen in the water.

25th Feb 2015, 11:55
Handsfree - you tried just one? Commendable restraint

25th Feb 2015, 12:22
Talking of bottles falling from the sky here is a funny scene from: The Gods Must be Crazy

Watched this as kids in SA - SRT will remember well


25th Feb 2015, 12:29
Hmmm ... that's really interesting, Avi ... the pic showed okay when I first put it up but now as you say, it's a blank slate. Okay, let's put it into Photobucket first and do it that way. Here we go ... ta daaaaaaaaa. :)


25th Feb 2015, 13:44
That looks like a cabin from the old TRABB - the one which has just sunk :eek:

Bit slow disembarking, Bluey? ;)

25th Feb 2015, 13:55
I just decorated it to look like the old one, Checkers. Honest. :O

25th Feb 2015, 13:55
Mornin' all!

Bit late. Got lost trying to row around the harbour with only one oar in the water.
Story of me life!
Staggered on board in the dark of night so I haven't had a good look at, what I surmise, are her graceful lines.
Did find a cabin however. Helpful chap with a cutlass jabbed me till I made my way down the ladder.
Hope I might convince the FSL to improve my quarters. Sharing with the guns is one thing. But a Goat! Perhaps it's fluffy's next meal. Makes me wonder if I might also fall into that category!
Hope the piccie shows.
This Photobucket thingie is new to me.img_2487_zpstpvxa5cd.jpg Photo by mark_gearing1 | Photobucket (http://s1068.photobucket.com/user/mark_gearing1/media/img_2487_zpstpvxa5cd.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0)

25th Feb 2015, 14:35
Good day all. Another day on the grind teaching. The Canuuks seem to divert away at will from what is needed to be done. One will be having words this morning.

25th Feb 2015, 16:10
Ahoy, shipmates! Request permission to come aboard, FSL?

Yes, of course I'll clean up later.

Does the new vessel have one of those hydraulic boom observation pod thingies like that cruise ship advertised on TV recently? Would like to see the failure mode analysis for that


25th Feb 2015, 16:17
Ah Checkers, there's a little piece in The Times today about someone on an Easyjet flight who was most unhappy with her driver because the flight had experienced a touch of turbulence.

"He could have apologised." :rolleyes:

And it wasn't one of your flights because it was to Gatters. But do make sure you drive carefully old chap. :8

I don't know, it's only page 5 and joy ride has already gone into the drink Goon style.

25th Feb 2015, 16:34
I have just spent an entertaining half the afternoon filling in an application form from the Electricity Company in Spanish. (the web site is in The Queens, but as soon as you deviate - Spanish)
However I think, but do not know, that I have successfully applied for and got my bill in twelve, equal, monthly instalments. The acknowledgement is also in Spanish.
Previously the bill was bi monthly from a reading and could spring a surprise like 470€ in December or, what I expect at the end of this month, about 700€.
It will typically drop in the summer to about 70€.
170€ per month is so much better.
This method of payment has not been available previously with my company and it is nice that they have joined the 20th century in the 21st :D

Wake up at the back ........

25th Feb 2015, 17:54
That woke me up Wodrick.

I pay approx. $30 for two months. Diff. places/sizes, one guesses.

25th Feb 2015, 18:03
Lekky is very expensive in Spain, and all my downstairs (bedroom) heating is electric, in fact everything except the hob is electric. Factor in a pool pump (1.5 Kw) running at least half an hour all year, much more as it gets warmer and it's easy to see where the bills come from.
I know that there are more efficient ways of heating the shed but I don't like A/C heating - too dry for me head.

Rwy in Sight
25th Feb 2015, 18:30
Permission to come abroad.

I don't like A/C heating.

I would say the main disadvantage is that a space / room heated via an A/C cools extremely rapidly once the system has been turned off.

Rwy in Sight

tony draper
25th Feb 2015, 19:01
Just spent a hour thinking I had blew up me new posh Monitor,Colour all to pot, visions of having to take it back to shop ,dragged old CRT monitor in that weighed half a ton and that was the same,ergo had to be graphics card,did fettley stuff wi that,new drivers ect,eventually found it were the DVI lead come slightly loose at back of the bloody puter,stupid boy Draper!:(

25th Feb 2015, 19:21


tony draper
25th Feb 2015, 19:45
Damm!! last episode of Wolf Hall tonight,apparently we have to wait until Mrs thingy writes the next book to follow the rest of Mr Cromwell's doings.:(

25th Feb 2015, 20:03
I gave up on Wolf Hall - it was just too slow and woebegone for me. :8

On BBC4 and 2200 there is also "New Wolf Hall: The Inside Story" - a look back at the series and wander around the Tower of London.

25th Feb 2015, 20:09
Can you get iPlayer on those screens in your cockpit, Captain Checkboard?

25th Feb 2015, 20:24
Hah! I wish :)

Capn Notarious
25th Feb 2015, 22:35
The good Captain's screens: display the information for pilots.
The system is known as Why player high player.

26th Feb 2015, 02:48

26th Feb 2015, 05:42
Morning folks. Another hot one, we have a bit of a drought problem here.

Mrs Exascot deals with home finance, indeed I never carry cash. This talk of leccy charges got me thinking. Apparently we pay 120€ a month to run the generator (4 hrs a day). Bottled gas for the fridge and cooker 100€ a month and wood for heating water is 50€ a year. In Greece we have solar for charging phones etc and oil lamps. Bottled gas for the fridge and cooker is very expensive as we have to pay for a donkey to bring it up the mountain. Water is provided by God in both places. Rain in Greece, lagoon here.

My father seems to be sleeping most of the time now in Wythenshawe Hospital. Outstanding place. My brother is playing him his favourite music. Choral and military bands. One wonders if he is going to drift of his mortal coil or march off it :)

26th Feb 2015, 06:17
Morning all,

this is what happens when you are the last one to board the new ship. You get the only cabin left. :*


But then again, wait a minute... :)

26th Feb 2015, 06:34
I hope you're not complaining Mr Hopper.
That looks like an excellent billet to me. :ok:

Good morning to you all.
No rain at present and quite warm, +10C, but a hoofing great cold front lies out to the west and it is heading this way laden with the wet stuff.

26th Feb 2015, 06:49
Greetings Gentlefolk,

Warm (16c) and windy, a weather station not far away and 100m higher than me recorded a gust of 109km/hr overnight.

HF, since your return from Jockistan there seems to be less gloom weatherwise around the EMA, I miss that.

ExA Gas 'ere is subsidised, well the 13Kg bottle is - 17.5€ at present. If one generates Solar power one is taxed on what you would have had from the mains. Lunatic Government.

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Feb 2015, 06:58
Mr Hopper very cunningly got the shed for himself by boarding unseen in the dead of night. Smart move...:ok:

26th Feb 2015, 07:09
It appears I'm having to share accommodation and shower facilities this trip, but I must buy the purser a pint as he's put me in with the distaff side. However, I'd like to know who let Fluffy play with the catnip toy.

tony draper
26th Feb 2015, 07:17
Morning peeps wet here little to report except today is Thursday and it will continue to be right up until midnight tonight.

26th Feb 2015, 07:23
HF, since your return from Jockistan there seems to be less gloom weatherwise around the EMA, I miss that.

There is gloom by the bucketful falling out of the sky at the moment Wodrick. It should appear at 4masts in about 15 minutes.

26th Feb 2015, 07:38
Morning all, fog with driving drizzle. At least it's warm drizzle. ;)

Looks like they experienced another small earthquake South of Guernsey last night.

tony draper
26th Feb 2015, 07:39
Hmmmm, one of our chaps has been awarded the Victoria Cross, been a while since of of them was handed out,a tad surprised the BBC could bring themselves to mention this on their news, I mean after all that Madonna bloke fell off a stage last night at the brit awards,whatever they are much more important newswise in the BBC philosophy
Well don that man.

26th Feb 2015, 07:44
Wodders That is ridiculous. So they really encourage environmentaly friendly projects then, much :mad: So how do they charge? Does it have to go through a meter?

26th Feb 2015, 08:32
I am not knowing how or even if just yet, I mean I dunno if it is fact or just a proposal but, in a land ideally suited to solar power, they are or plan to tax it. Hell there are people in the National Parks who are like you - no mains, gennie or solar.
Fortunately I can't afford to go down that route, I have Solar augmented water that's all.

To the Post Office before the 11 o'clock closure.

26th Feb 2015, 08:44
Morning folks. Wetness and gloom has duly arrived although I think it was held up by the traffic in town as it took a little more than 15 minutes to arrive from Mr HF's bailiwick.

One is giving canal activities a miss today as Mrs 4ma has banned me from having another bout of pneumonia. I may sneak out on Saturday when Mrs 4ma visits Lincoln.

26th Feb 2015, 08:45

Any Solar Geysers?


These are plumbed into the house water system, the sun just heats the water, no electric stuff involved.

26th Feb 2015, 08:58
Mutter, mutter, mutter, grumble. Galley plan for this evening was a chook and mushroom barley risotto, but SWMBO has decreed that, as we're going to the theatre* this evening, I've to take her out to dinner first.

*(Robert Powell in Twelve Angry Men)

26th Feb 2015, 09:17
Morning folks.

Just returned from supplies trip, sin Aldi, whos management have decided to close the store this week, without notice, to join an extention on to the main store.

Some ludicrous prices about as well, The store from the frozen country is charging €55.10 a kilo for scallops. :mad:

Another holiday weekend approaches, with Dia de Andalucia this Saturday.

Wodrick. Another twist on the pension front. The back Spanish State pension I received in January this year, relating to October - December of 2014, is showing for tax record purposes to have been received by me in 2014 and is taxable in 2014. :rolleyes:

26th Feb 2015, 10:55
catnip toy

I think that might be the stowaway :eek: He didn't show up for the transfer. I fear he may have been bushwacked by one of the officers. Swines

Lon More
26th Feb 2015, 11:30
I considered having solar panels installed. There was an interesting subsidy on them but when the rep came to measure up there was a sharp intake of breath. Seems I have the wrong sort of roof tiles and they can´t attatch the panels.

26th Feb 2015, 12:14
Any Solar Geysers?

My next door neighbour has something like that but it has a back up heating element.
Mine is older and has a remote tank with a heating element, The panel is 2sqm and today is being hit by 900w/sqm so no electrics and the water is HOT. There is a noticeable difference when it is being electrically heated as it is quite a lot cooler.
The back Spanish State pension I received in January this year, relating to October - December of 2014, is showing for tax record purposes to have been received by me in 2014 and is taxable in 2014.
Can't blame them for trying

26th Feb 2015, 13:14
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein

Lon More
26th Feb 2015, 14:21
You could make your own solar heater. I doubt if any TRABBers would be using soft drink cans though


26th Feb 2015, 14:25
Good afternoon!

That was close. Got back from the annual inspection and new specs consultation, and there was an armed guard on the quayside.
Friendly Marine chappie explained that I'd missed the (new) boat, but offered to "run me over" in his speedboat, bless 'im.

I don't scare easily, but...

Bosun's chair is for bosuns, innit?

Anyway, cabin's fine, good stock of communion and other wine (and medicinal Highland Park). Cabin steward is a bit chatty, but I'm sure he'll quieten down.

Did I miss anything?

26th Feb 2015, 14:30
Good morning all. Going to be sunny again today but maybe some rain tomorrow and Saturday.

Canuuks broke the system and I wasted 3 hours yesterday repairing it. Woe woe and three times woe

26th Feb 2015, 14:57
Late and well-refreshed night last night, so tired and grumpy today. I'm relieving my feelings by shouting at deserving targets at work, which is proving extremely cathartic :) Must do it more often...

Capn Notarious
26th Feb 2015, 17:38
Someone speak to the Navigator.
He tried to set course for Medway instead of Midway.
Keel haul ropes are found to be spliced and ready.

26th Feb 2015, 18:19
We might be featured on the 'One Show' shortly, by we I mean the Alderney Wildlife Trust and a trip to Les Casquets Lighthouse taken last year. ;)

26th Feb 2015, 18:56
For a minute there, I thought you meant "us" as in Trabbists. Worth a show I am sure. ;)

Still, congrats, beaufort! :ok:

tony draper
26th Feb 2015, 19:40
Why do Aliens always land in Central Park?,perhaps this is more suited for the Daft Question thread.:rolleyes:

26th Feb 2015, 20:23
It's because of all the movie cameras there Drapes, it's a sort of symbiotic relationship I guess.

Anyway, deep in the bowels of interweb I have discovered rare footage of exascot's gardener on the way back from town in the company pick-up with a load of organic manure for the roses.

Exascot's gardener

Oh, and an English footy teams dies the death of missed penalties again, although it was a foreign chappie who hit Row Z.

26th Feb 2015, 20:34
I'm watching "The Day the Earth Stood Still" as well :)

Where would you land, Mr D?

26th Feb 2015, 21:03
Aliens always land in Central Park because it's a nice big area situated not too far from the UN Building.This allows them to issue their demands to representatives from all the countries of the world from one place.
...and they really like NY bagels,so they grab some 'to go'

tony draper
26th Feb 2015, 21:17
I'd stay in orbit and send Drones down.:rolleyes:
Wonder what would happen if Aliens did turn up and landed somewhere outside the USA say Mongolia and started yacking to them,dont think they Muricains would be very chuffed.
Prog on Yesterday Channel now about Airline Pilots and UFOs, very interesting, being a prooner one would tend to believe what a airline Pilot reports. :uhoh:

26th Feb 2015, 21:31
BBC iPlayer - The One Show - 26/02/2015 (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b052xw2s/the-one-show-26022015)

Lon More
26th Feb 2015, 21:45
being a prooner one would tend to believe what a airline Pilot reports We had an interesting week back in 1989 when there were about 1500 sightings over Belgium. F16s scrambled and some interesting conversations on the RT. Pilots were convinced they saaw something. Big Hat from BAF went on tv to explain things.
Many of the sightings were in the vicinity of Glory (Air Defence Radar Unit) near Glons.
I've had a few reports from pilots, not all believable. Strangest was when one reported a nuclear explosion. We never did get to the bottom of that one

west lakes
26th Feb 2015, 22:29

See there's even a song about it!!


Solid Rust Twotter
27th Feb 2015, 04:16
...being a prooner one would tend to believe what a airline Pilot reports.

Not been spending much time in R&N, have you Admiral D?:}

27th Feb 2015, 04:59
Morning folks, SRT beat me to it from Southern Africa today.

OK, formal warnings given, now they are all sacked. Housekeeper, junior housekeeper, gardener, garden boy and junior garden boy. Bunch of unreliable malakas (RIS will understand this word). We have an appointment with the chief (of the tribe) at 10.00 to get replacements. If they don't work out it will be his fault not mine.

The Chiefs are very powerful. The House of Chiefs is the same as the House of Lords. No new law can be passed without being approved by them. There was a big debate a few years ago about whether ladies could wear trousers in public. It was passed by only a few votes. Now that really does come under the 'usless information' bracket.

27th Feb 2015, 05:25
Good morning from the "Green Heart of England" (that's what it says on the road sign)

Malaka - there's a word I've not heard in a long while.

Eye test for me today and a go at contact lenses. Thought I'd try them as I'm fed up of walking around blind when it's raining.

Some excellent news has just popped up via email :-

HM Revenue & Customs

Dear citizen,

After some detailed calculations, the result that you have paid in addition to the annual tax.

To refund the amount overpaid will need to complete the form attached to this e-mail.

We recommend Internet Explorer ©

Along with completing and submitting your data, the return process will begin.

HMRC FoI Act Team
Room 1C/23
100 Parliament Street

27th Feb 2015, 05:39
Morning folks.

Seems there is a clear blue sky outside.

Went to bed at 01.20, pain free. Woke at 06.00 with severe pain in the knee. Now waiting for meds to kick in.

It's FRIDAY, btw.

27th Feb 2015, 06:07
HF we always know that we are at the correct gate at DXB going to ATH when we hear 'that'word :D

27th Feb 2015, 06:37
Greetings Gentlefolk,

Warm too *Ibbie* overnight minimum 14c. Must be a day of pain, my hands are this morning.
SM was at the Physio yesterday evening and he has suggested a potion for me hands which I will purchase later.
Will be a stock up with provisions day as it is Andalucia day tomorrow and Andalucia will close.

My local Aldi, which was by far the worst of the local shops had a similar metamorphosis a couple of months ago, it is now MUCH improved, larger and better stock.

tony draper
27th Feb 2015, 06:58
Morning peeps a fine sunny start to a Friday here,one has always been fond of Fridays,int olden days it used to be pay day and the weekend's debauchery loomed of course.

joy ride
27th Feb 2015, 07:13
Morning all, frost rapidly going thanks to blue sky and sun.

27th Feb 2015, 07:30
Right, I'm off for my eye test.
Wish me luck. I've been practising reading eye charts all night.
I think I've got it now. :)

27th Feb 2015, 08:26
Morning peeps a fine sunny start to a Friday here,one has always been fond of Fridays,int olden days it used to be pay day and the weekend's debauchery loomed of course.
Now it's the last Friday of the month. Black Friday. The streets of our city run with equal amounts of vomit and blood as our young people enjoy themselves. And that's just Derby - heaven alone knows what it's like in the Toon or the land of the Scouse?

27th Feb 2015, 08:37
Good luck with the lenses, handsfree, I hope they work out for you.

It's pouring with rain here, but snowing in the mountains, and tomorrow I shall be skiing :)

27th Feb 2015, 08:42
Aye good luck with lenses HF, I can't get on w'em, but I can see just about enough to navigate without mi Varis, no reading or 'puting of course but general navigation.

Couldn't get on with Varis at the start either took a while, the correct scrip helped !

27th Feb 2015, 08:44
'Time is for preventing everything happening at once' - I think that Einstein feller has got the idea. Clever bloke, he should go far.

Now, what time is it? Where? ...and when? :suspect:

tony draper
27th Feb 2015, 08:49
Been many decades since one spent a night supping int Big Market and it were no different to any other area where a few pub nestled close together then, ie quite civilized, but the creatures who drink there now are not of our species,they are a degraded offshoot of humanity called Morlocks,we normal Homo Sapiens have nowt to do wi em. :uhoh:

Lon More
27th Feb 2015, 08:49
Must have been like Edinburgh's Rose Street back in the 1970s and earlier. Nothing but pubs the whole length of the street. Last time I went, a couple of years back, there were about 10. Magnus will know undoubtedly. The Abbotsford (http://www.theabbotsford.com/) was one of my favourites

In the spirit of TRABB -

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y204/Badyin/0dc9939aee3d4d246206b59dd37145ae_zps3ehrbwaq.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/Badyin/media/0dc9939aee3d4d246206b59dd37145ae_zps3ehrbwaq.jpg.html)

Lon More
27th Feb 2015, 08:55
For Handsfree

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y204/Badyin/the-smaller-letters-took-a-bit-more-concentration-45144613705_zpspadgehby.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/Badyin/media/the-smaller-letters-took-a-bit-more-concentration-45144613705_zpspadgehby.jpg.html)

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Feb 2015, 08:58
That ship will have Somali pirates dribbling down their shirt fronts, Mr More.

Lon More
27th Feb 2015, 09:08
I expect there are one or two men with H&Ks and sundry whoosh-flash-bang devices on board Mr. Twotter

27th Feb 2015, 09:13
Magnus will know undoubtedly.

A vile calumny!

27th Feb 2015, 09:18
HF the bottom line of eye chart in the Royal Air Force was always: LHTOCNEA. Little nursie Cpl once told me to cover my left eye and read the bottom line. I said that we could save time if I covered both eyes and sad LHTOCNA. She said, 'that is fine sir'.

Was the Chief there for our meeting? No. We should colonise these bloody countries in Africa then we may get a better service. Why has nobody ever thought of this before?

27th Feb 2015, 09:47
Not been spending much time in R&N, have you Admiral D?

Didn't think there were any real pilots left posting in R & N SRT? ;)

HandsFree, interesting address for the tax office, did they ask for your bank details to enable them to make the refund? :)

27th Feb 2015, 10:41
There are currently fifteen Maersk Triple-E vessels in service with the remaining five due to be in service by June 2015.
Orders were placed in 2011.

Maersk Triple E class - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maersk_Triple_E_class#Ships)

Maersk have decided not to exercise their option for the final ten vessels originally planned to be commissioned.

27th Feb 2015, 10:49
Morning peeps. Freezing here.

We need one of those Maersk jobbers-they already have shoe boxes on the top. Can we get one of those next time Admiral sir?

We have a scifi convention starting today. It is near my office and there will be lots of, er, interesting people wandering about-hope I see a Wookie

27th Feb 2015, 11:13
Must have been like Edinburgh's Rose Street back in the 1970s and earlier.

There is an English ex RAF expat here who spent some time in the Hanover Street recruiting office during that era.
One day he invited one of the young ladies for a drink after hours and on walking into one of the Rose St. pubs was greeted by the barman with the phrase, "Get that bluddy wummin oot 'o here"!

27th Feb 2015, 11:22
Siti, are you sure it was Rose Street? The Oxford Bar in Young St (parallel to Rose St) had a reputation for that.

27th Feb 2015, 11:32
Ah! An old fashioned men only bar. The front bar of the Malleable Working Men's Club was men only. The rest of the club was mixed, but the front bar's "No Women!" rule was strictly enforced. I was in there with my Dad one Sunday when a very angry lady marched in to demand her husband returned home immediately for Sunday Dinner. The chaps playing dominos at the table near the door intercepted her, turned her around and threw her back out "two-six" as we said in The Mob.

Her husband was then chastised for being the cause of a woman to enter the hallowed hall and he was thrown out as well.

"We'd better get home too..." said my Dad "or we'll be in the same trouble!"

The Pig's Bar in the Raven Club wasn't men only, but certainly no ladies ever entered. Women yes, but no ladies. ;)

27th Feb 2015, 11:48
That ship will have Somali pirates dribbling down their shirt fronts, Mr More. It's funny - pirate attacks are much, much more rare now. Initially the ship owners listened to various western governments around the world and relied on fire hoses and warship patrols.

It turned out that pirates didn't mind getting wet, responded with AK47's and western warships had such limiting rules of engagement that they stood by 50 feet away (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8359575.stm) and just watched the pirates kidnap people - unable to shoot at anybody (due Health and Safety legislation, one presumes :rolleyes: )

... so the ship owners have ditched the "softly softly" approach and now take on private, mercenary armed guards, with shoot to kill orders, to transit the area. Results?
Piracy Plunges to Lowest in Years on $1 Trillion Trade Route - Bloomberg Business (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2013-01-16/piracy-collapses-to-lowest-in-years-on-1-trillion-trade-route)

27th Feb 2015, 11:59
Yes, the Russians sorted that out years ago, when pirates were a problem in the Malacca Straits. They placed armed marines on their ships and after several pirates had been killed, ships flying the Russian flag were left completely alone.

27th Feb 2015, 12:51
The secret jimtherev is to get out of Derby by sundown and thus avoid the tribal conflicts.

Contact lens session went ok. In and out a couple of times and can't feel them in the slightest when in. Think I shall persevere with them.

Now to meet up with Mrs HF for grub and gargling juice.

27th Feb 2015, 13:30
Good find, angels! :ok::)

I'm quite sure the gardener's entourage was hidden between the sacks.

And of course the Chief was not there at the 'agreed' time. Where we would we be?? ;)

27th Feb 2015, 14:11
Good morning all. Last day of teaching today thank goodness.
Total rest this weekend, been some long days.

tony draper
27th Feb 2015, 14:19
Malacca Straits? the ships revolver was always taken from the safe and loaded for that passage,even in my day.:uhoh:

27th Feb 2015, 14:44
Bit of a hiccup with the mammoth watering this evening. The water pump inlet had come adrift from the jetty. One had to go into croc infested waters to fix said problem. All arms and legs still secure.

I phoned the Chief about his failure to turn up for our 10.00 meeting this morning. He said but he was there at half past :ugh:

27th Feb 2015, 14:58
The secret jimtherev is to get out of Derby by sundown and thus avoid the tribal conflicts.
Trouble is that 'erself is on Street Pastoring again tonight, starting at 2200hrs, with tales to tell when she wakes up at about 1030. (I believe it's about 0430 when I get the cold feet arrive on me back.)

In and out a couple of times and can't feel them in the slightest when in. One was almost tempted to make a lewd remark about actresses and bishops at that point, but one resisted.

27th Feb 2015, 15:06
Africa time! :{

27th Feb 2015, 16:45
RIP Leonard Nimoy - beamed up for the last time (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25945690)

27th Feb 2015, 17:19
You'd think that a crab on land would be safe ... :eek:

Octopus leaps out of water, grabs crab - CNN Video (http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/02/24/lkl-foster-octopus-crab-battle.cnn?iref=obinsite)

27th Feb 2015, 17:39
Sunset over *Ibbie*

http://i1133.photobucket.com/albums/m599/wodrick/IMG_0536.jpg (http://s1133.photobucket.com/user/wodrick/media/IMG_0536.jpg.html)

27th Feb 2015, 18:03
ooh, lenticular clouds.;)

27th Feb 2015, 18:11
Get them quite often MrB :) Just wish I could loose the wires, don't have the patience to shop them out.

27th Feb 2015, 18:21
I saw them here once, I eventually worked out they were being formed over Exmoor or Dartmoor. :)

tony draper
27th Feb 2015, 18:30
The original Star Treck series is being repeated at the mo, it is one of those progs that is so bad it is good, Spock was the best character,always thought Kirk a buffoon, the Radio Officer had the best legs though :rolleyes:

tony draper
27th Feb 2015, 18:54
The old ways is the best.:)

tony draper
27th Feb 2015, 21:39
A owld part of the Toon.:)
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/Deaddogbay002/the%20black%20gate_zpslflrmxzx.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/Deaddogbay002/the%20black%20gate_zpslflrmxzx.jpg.html)

27th Feb 2015, 21:42
Exascot - When I worked in Nigeria and things did not work as planned we had an expression for it, 'WAWA', West Africa Wins Again'! :)

27th Feb 2015, 22:40
News article:

North Devon Council wants parish councils and community groups to clean their own public toilets. (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-devon-31655726)


This is not a slash and burn exercise at all.

You can get medication for that burning after you slash, you know.


27th Feb 2015, 23:27
I note AF is planning to start service to this city for the first time on 29Mar. Took them awhile. "Direct" flights. Up to five a week. Meanwhile BA, KL and LH trundle in here every day. Sure you can spare the aircraft?


28th Feb 2015, 01:38
Greetings all from Saturday morning. Tis a warm day (23C and climbing) Max expected of 30C, one may have to remove ones Cardigan...

28th Feb 2015, 04:16
Morning folks. Been up since 05.00. Going into town today. Nice photo Admiral.

Expecting bad news from the UK today :( However, knowing my father he could hang on for days.

Solid Rust Twotter
28th Feb 2015, 04:19
Was that there shotgun starter not properly referred to as a Koffs Starter, Admiral D? Very apt, one thunks.

Strongs to you, Mr Ascot.

tony draper
28th Feb 2015, 06:33
Morning peeps, a wet Saturday has commenced here,first time I knew of cartridge starters in airyplanes was when I saw Jimmy Stewart near make a balls of it in Flight of the Phoenix.
Still he had to put yon German in his place.

28th Feb 2015, 07:00
Morning folks. Grey and damp here. One is being allowed out to go to the canal but is under strict instructions from SWMBO not to overdo it and to RTB if things get too much.

Meanwhile, SWMBO is off to Lincoln to meet junior daughter and Theo. One is a bit worried cos her new bank card has just arrived and is yet to be used. I suspect by the end of today it will have been well and truly hammered. :(

28th Feb 2015, 07:04
Morning all, drizzle and grey.

In my thoughts Exascot

New hammer drill arrived yesterday but the chuck mechanism doesn't work so I'm having to send it back. :(

28th Feb 2015, 07:06
Thoughts in your direction, Exascot! :(

28th Feb 2015, 07:39
Thanks folks, anyway this guy is the answer to all our problems. Poster in town just now. Just send your credit card details and I will book you in.


28th Feb 2015, 07:48
Morning all,

Thoughts ExA,not the best of times to be thousands of miles away.

What do that blokes initials stand for ? B. S. ?

If the wind stays away today will be a belter, clear blue, vis not great and a guess of 20c.

Andalucia closed for Andalucia day.

28th Feb 2015, 07:56
Best wishes at a bad time ExA

Your wondering Archbish and his 'finacial' problems, do you think this covers toothache?

28th Feb 2015, 08:23
Morning folks.

Unfortunately have to report that Son in law's father in Romania was "sectioned" or whatever they call it there, yesterday. He does not know who he is, who is wife is or where he lives. He is now in a secure unit. To add to that daughter broke the steering on her car yesterday,so they are having a bad time.
Just about to take another tramadol,as the one I had at 07.15 has had no effect on my knee at all this morning.

Been into town. The lottery shops and some cafe bars are open but nowt else. There is a largish national lottery draw tomorrow, so they were boundtoopen.

28th Feb 2015, 08:41
OK, look out you lot I am now 'The Don' any misbehaviour and it will be a horse's head on the bottom of your bunk :eek:

28th Feb 2015, 08:42
Lots of unwelcome news on here this morning, Exascot and Ibbie.
Thoughts are with you both.

jimtherev, your wife must have a lot more of the milk of human kindness running through her veins than mine have if she can stomach Street Pastoring in Derby at a weekend. I raise my hat to her.

The weather here is dreich. Grey, soggy and 100% yeuk.

Looking on the bright side though, the rugby recommences this afternoon.
I shall sally forth to the watering hole to be entertained alongside like-minded thugs. :ok:
I may even stick the new contact lenses in for the duration.

tony draper
28th Feb 2015, 08:47
Old photo of the Side in the Toon, think I would walk rather swiftly past that building at the top it looks like it could do with a bit of shoring up.
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/Deaddogbay002/side_zpsadk96uli.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/Deaddogbay002/side_zpsadk96uli.jpg.html)

tony draper
28th Feb 2015, 09:02
A strange little tale, showing how quickly things fade from the collective memory. :uhoh:

28th Feb 2015, 09:03
The weather here is dreich. Grey, soggy and 100% yeuk.

That's more like it, happy now.:)

28th Feb 2015, 09:03
jimtherev, your wife must have a lot more of the milk of human kindness running through her veins than mine have if she can stomach Street Pastoring in Derby at a weekend. I raise my hat to her.

Me too! She's just woken up with the news that there was an attempted murder (maybe scrub the 'attempted') right outside their base last night. Seems it might have been a gang thing that went wrong.

28th Feb 2015, 09:13
Yon picture of the Toon reminds me a lot of Kathmandu

tony draper
28th Feb 2015, 09:23
Suns come out here the rain it hath offward fecked.:rolleyes:

28th Feb 2015, 09:39
*Ibbie* have to visit the lottery shop then, girl who operates it is like a swarthy Jane Hill although, unlike Ms Hill, she is of similar proportions lower down. One thinks of the Italian Job and Benny Hill.

28th Feb 2015, 12:12
Exascot-thoughts with you today

Ibbie-sorry to hear things are not good.

Sending some TRABBforce to those in need of it today.

Haven't seen a Wookie yet. Spotted a red shirt at the restaurant last night. Obviously on an away mission. I wondered if he realized that was probably his last meal. Historically, the red shirts never make it back!!

28th Feb 2015, 13:47
I've just realised that this ship has been named differently to the previous one, and not only by number. When I first boarded some years ago it was called
The Really Really Absolutely Boring and Totally Pointless Snippets of Information Thread.

By the time we'd got to the Mark XXIV version it had lost the 'Absolutely'

This time we've lost one 'Really' and 'of Information'

Is this due to Government cutbacks, an increase in taxation or did someone hire a passing itinerant signwriter to do a cut price job?:E

I realise there were problems in the old days with the name meeting itself coming the other way round the stern because of the relatively small size of the ship, but surely we have enough space these days, judging by the size of some of the staterooms on board?:eek:

How can we offer Trrabforce if we don't have an A in the name?


28th Feb 2015, 14:36
Thanks everyone particularly for PMs. My father was very traditional and religious. If he knows that his last rites were from a lady vicar he would come back and haunt her. I think that what did him in was their last vicar just becoming the first Bishop of the Church of England. Personally no objection. I have an ex-girlfriend who is now a vicar :p

Sorry, I have had a few beers, but 'I once [email protected] a vicar' is always a good way to bring a dinner party conversation to a screaming halt.

28th Feb 2015, 15:47
Thoughts are with you, Exascot!

28th Feb 2015, 15:50
And indeed, someone's nicked half this thread's title! I want my money back!

28th Feb 2015, 16:17
Sorry to learn of your loss Exascot.

Self medication with anti-inflamatories has got me walking without pain again.

28th Feb 2015, 16:18
New hammer drill arrived yesterday but the chuck mechanism doesn't work so I'm having to send it back. :(

Is it a Bosch perchance? Lots of gripes about them on review sites. No matter how tight you clamp the drill bit, the bloody chuck always slackens off. :oh::*

tony draper
28th Feb 2015, 16:21
Sorry to learn of your loss Mr Exascot.:(
I couldn't get the full thread title into the space allocated for it and I panicked.:{

28th Feb 2015, 18:10
sitigeltfel no a B&D, the chuck wouldn't move at all, then I removed the screw bolt which held the chuck mechanism to the main shaft which wouldn't do up again. Frustrating, but another replacement on the way and I hope the £12.00 + postage will be refunded. ;)

28th Feb 2015, 18:50
Evening. Okay here. The weather people had been threatening torrents of rain but there's been some drizzle and that's about it. In fact the heating is off and I have the back door open to clear the remnants of the smoke from the frying pan. Lucky I like my bacon well done. :O

Exascot, sincere commiserations. But ( and I know this is corny) a good innings and at least the struggle is over.

It's not often that one sees the words 'I panicked' in a post by Drapes!! :eek:

Edited to add I have just closed the back door and it is absolutely peeing down....

28th Feb 2015, 19:08
RNLI Stromness were in action last night


Also a very quick tour of the boat


28th Feb 2015, 20:14
So sorry Exascot, good vicar story though. :ok:

tony draper
28th Feb 2015, 20:19
A sunny day long ago.
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/Deaddogbay002/Lang%20Stairs%203_zpsugpngcan.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/Deaddogbay002/Lang%20Stairs%203_zpsugpngcan.jpg.html)

Lon More
28th Feb 2015, 20:24
Is that Walford Mr. D.? Must be a long dead relly of the owner of the chippy.

28th Feb 2015, 20:35
Good day all. Ben a few showers here today.

Sorry for your loss Exascot.

Thoughts with you as well Ibby.

Some cracking old photos there.:ok:

Can we edit the thread name back to what it was when I first joined one wonders, or do we have to wait for the next ship???

tony draper
28th Feb 2015, 20:41
No it's the top of the Lang Stairs in the Toon Mr Nigel.:)
It used to be the Mods who fettled the thread title if a arse was made of it. :(
This is the other side of that strangely shaped house,apparently they had lunatic architects in those days as well. :rolleyes:
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/Deaddogbay002/Other%20side_zps6ak47h0a.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/Deaddogbay002/Other%20side_zps6ak47h0a.jpg.html)

28th Feb 2015, 21:43
I've just been watching Reginald D. Hunter in Georgia in his series about music from the South.

37 years after they were formed I have just discovered who the B52s are. I was previously only dimly aware of their existence because they had the same name as the bomber.

It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff I don't know :(

28th Feb 2015, 21:51
You're never too old to learn.

It is several Centuries since there were people who knew everything that there was to be known.

28th Feb 2015, 23:10
Yep! definitely resembles Thamel on a quiet day. My word, how far we have come in such a short time.

1st Mar 2015, 00:06
Sunday morning here. Not a particularly religious person but do enjoy a good sing song, so Songs of Praise is on the box. Is it still The Box if it isn't a box anymore? Anyway they start singing "This is my story this is my song", and yours truly immediately pipes up with the other words.

"This is my story this is my song. I've been in this air force too bloody long. So bring out the Romulus, the Remus, Renown, 'cos you can't have the Hood 'cos the barstewards gone down. Chocks away, chocks away....... "

Reckon if they sang it at my funeral I would join in with the above words from my coffin. Sad init.

1st Mar 2015, 00:19
Having very recently attended a funeral, I find myself reflecting on the reaction of the departed to events during the ceremony and the interment.

Does this mean that I accept the existence of an afterlife?

1st Mar 2015, 00:48
Having tried to post on another thread I discover that I'm apparently back in infrequent poster purgatory, so this post may vanish beneath the waves as I desperately row my dinghy in the wake if the good ship TRBTPST, ex-TRABB+.

Despite that:
My sympathy to Mr. Exascot.

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Mar 2015, 05:14
It's always been TRRBATPSOIT AFAIK. The TRABB nick was just a corruption of the first few letters in the abbreviation.

Strongs, Mr Ascot.

1st Mar 2015, 06:07
Morning all.

Blue sky outside but a tad windy.

Managed a full nights almost painless sleepin bed last night. Knee a little sore, but willsee how it responds to a dog walk.

1st Mar 2015, 06:30
Morning to all.
A mix of sun and cloud this morning. Windy and relatively mild but the rains will be upon us later.
Most importantly the moon is waxing gibbous. :uhoh:

Sincere condolences Exascot.
Losing your father is bad enough but being thousands of miles away and knowing it is happening must make it even worse.

The Sound of Music was released 50 years ago this month.
That makes me feel rather old.

1st Mar 2015, 08:02
Greetings Gentlefolk,

Same as *Ibbie* - no Wind.

http://i1133.photobucket.com/albums/m599/wodrick/2014_st_davids_day.jpg (http://s1133.photobucket.com/user/wodrick/media/2014_st_davids_day.jpg.html)

To me it's strange some are arthriticky, with me it's ligaments, hands, elbow and ankles. No Arthriticky at all.

Was playing tree and chainsaw yesterday - sore today, see if some more of the same will help later.

1st Mar 2015, 08:16
The Sound of Music was released 50 years ago this month.

I wish it had stayed unreleased handsfree.

IMO the worst musical film and score ever writ.

Your point about Exascot being many miles away when his father died, brings the event of my father's death, thirty years ago, back into memory. I was in the then southern part of Yugoslavia close to the Albanian border. The message of his death found me some two days after the event and my journey back to the UK including planning and travel a further week.

1st Mar 2015, 08:18
Sunday is about to end here in the West of Oz, (well about 6.75 hours to go)one has been informed by erindoors that wee will be having pizza for dinner tonight, my shout. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

As tomorrow is a public holiday, one may wash the pizza down with a beer or two..


Lon More
1st Mar 2015, 08:27
I wish it had stayed unreleased handsfree.

"Hell is alive
With the sound of muzak"

1st Mar 2015, 08:35
It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff I don't know :(

But as a 16yo, we knew everything! ;)

1st Mar 2015, 08:37
Does this mean that I accept the existence of an afterlife?

Not all G-CTPN.

Your reaction is one of the ways in which humanists remember the departed.

The announcement the HRH is to leave the forces and look for projects in Africa had me thinking.

Is house sitting for you a project he may consider? :hmm:

1st Mar 2015, 08:42
The Sound of Music and Down Town by Petula Clark, the two most ghastly pieces of music ever written. :yuk:

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Mar 2015, 09:04
One has discovered something for which the Girl goes a little gaga. Cow hooves with a smear of peanut butter in the pointy bit. Keeps her happily chewing and licking away for hours.

Senior Paper Monitor
1st Mar 2015, 09:20
Much furore over the Sunday morning coffee - Her KitKat Chunky has been shrunk (from 48gm to 40gm).

Its brave man who reduces her chocolate ration by 16% !

1st Mar 2015, 09:22
The Sound of Music and Down Town by Petula Clark, the two most ghastly pieces of music ever written

So I take it that you weren't in the audience for the revival of The Sound of Music in the 1990s at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London (alongside Victoria Station), where despite her mature years, the key role of the young Maria was played by none other than ............ Petula Clark! ;)

1st Mar 2015, 09:27
Went to see Petula when she was a mere 75 (a bit reluctantly, but Mrs TTN is a fan). Totally amazed - she belted them out for two hours without a support act. Brilliant show.

And she sang Downtown :ok:

(I like The Sound of Music too ;) )

1st Mar 2015, 09:55
The Sound of Music and Down Town by Petula Clark, the two most ghastly pieces of music ever written. :yuk:

Probably true but fast forward those 50 years and I think you´ll find some stiff competition for that description.

1st Mar 2015, 09:56
Ummmm ... has Exascot actually lost his dad? I thought his last post said he was expecting bad news ... did I miss something?

Does anyone know if the story is true that the Zimbabwean idiot, Mugabe had a million dollar birthday bash ... which involved slaughtering elephants for the feast? That's just obscene.

Senior Paper Monitor
1st Mar 2015, 10:00
Good god, there is no limit to that man's depravity ....

Robert Mugabe eats a zoo for 'obscene' 91st birthday party - People - News - The Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/robert-mugabe-eats-a-zoo-for-obscene-91st-birthday-party-10077805.html)

1st Mar 2015, 10:11
Morning all, bright and sunny. :ok:

I'm glad you asked that question BD, I was in the same dilemma. :)

1st Mar 2015, 10:16
I am thinking along the same lines as Bluey, are we being a little premature regarding Exascots Dad?

Good to know that Exascot managed to bonk The Vicar of Dibley, it was only a matter of time! ;)

1st Mar 2015, 10:28
His post was a little cryptic but his father has passed, yesterday. 90 Y O so a good knock.

Lon More
1st Mar 2015, 11:04
KitKat Chunky

Now there's an inventive name for it. Lick or bite?

1st Mar 2015, 11:35
My mum told me once that Petula used to go to our chippy. She lived in the next village to us. The vision of a seventy year old playing Maria boggles the mind. Still, if Meryl Streep can prance around in Mama Mia I suppose anything is possible. BTW, who told Pierce Brosnan he could sing? Orrible film.

1st Mar 2015, 11:40
exclusive lodge, spa and golf course in Victoria FallThe 'lodge' bit has me puzzled.

As far as I know the only golf course in the area is at the Elephant Hills Hotel.

Elephant Hills Hotel | Elephant Hills Resort | Elephant Hills Hotel Victori Falls Zimbabwe (http://www.victoria-falls-hotels.net/elephant-hills-hotel/)

It is a standard modern 'people processing palace' that would fit in anywhere in the world.

I and her indoors had a pleasant Easter long weekend there once.

The flight from Joburg to Vic Falls was in a Zim Air B-707, a rather decrepit machine. I expressed my displeasure and a colleague who was aware of me being in the RAF in the 50's said, 'You must have flown in older a/c than this'. I corrected him with, 'I flew in Anson's but they weren't this old'!

tony draper
1st Mar 2015, 12:18
Ah at last! tinternet is back on,belay the sending of food parcels,best click send before one is isolated again.:rolleyes:

tony draper
1st Mar 2015, 12:23
I have successfully avoided seeing the Sound of Music for fifty years then,apart from the odd scene is someone else's house, in my own home I would have fled shrieking from the room at the sound of that ghastly woman scuttling over the hills chuntering away about the hills being alive.

1st Mar 2015, 12:24
Afternoon, bright and breezy here.

Exascot was a little cryptic. He announced he had become the don, IE head of the family. Also, I believe that he has spotted the lesser clothed Harry in his vicinity!

Senior Paper Monitor - these disguised price increases makes me mad. Mad to the extent that I actually e-mailed the CSO in Cardiff about it a couple of years ago, asking if inflation data took this sort of thing into account. They claimed it did, but I have my doubts.

1st Mar 2015, 13:23
Thanks, Wodders and angels ... that clarifies things. :ok:

1st Mar 2015, 13:32
First they make the product smaller and smaller. Then there is a substantial price jump and the NEW!!! LARGER!!! product is on the market.

1st Mar 2015, 13:47
with a smear of peanut butter

You're really spoiling her, Mr Twotter! Peanut butter, what has the dogs' world come to, tsk tsk tsk...