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24th Feb 2015, 13:55
I am a filthy woman - and proud of it - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/11430220/I-am-a-filthy-woman-and-proud-of-it.html)

That got your attention, now will it get your olfactory attention ? ;)


24th Feb 2015, 14:03
That's pretty "gross." I can't imagine not showering every day but, then again, maybe it's the American in me.
Having said that, I was at one time married to a Brit - a Scouser to be precise - and she certainly showered every day and I don't think that's changed over the years for her.

24th Feb 2015, 14:09
So, not this then.

Pink Floyd-Young Lust (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLXSOfyzrII&oref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DXLXSOfyzrII&has_verified=1)

tony draper
24th Feb 2015, 14:11
Napoleon liked em a bit grubby.:rolleyes:

24th Feb 2015, 14:20
Ugh. I wouldn't be awake enough to drive at Dark O'Clock in the morning if I hadn't had a refreshing shower!

24th Feb 2015, 15:31
Happened a few years ago in China.

An old lady went to the doctors complaining about her feet. She was of peasant/farming stock and was wearing cheap plastic boots. The doctor could not get these boots off to find out what the problem was so eventually they had to Xray her feet to find out why.

She had worn these boots continuously since she had bought them. She had worked, dined and slept with them on. The result was that because she had never cut her toenails they had grown, gone into their natural claw curve, and had stapled her boots to her feet.

They would have had all the windows open when they cut the boots off.

24th Feb 2015, 15:59
You can take a shower in Liverpool, but you can't shower out the Scouser!

24th Feb 2015, 17:46
Shy...The founder of this site 'Danny' was a scouser. He maybe reading posts.

24th Feb 2015, 19:13
Calm down, calm down...

Danny F. has a sense of humour and in any case, he sold the site some years ago.

24th Feb 2015, 19:32
But I did hear that 50% of scousers had had sex in the shower .......

............ the other 50% hadn't been to gaol - yet! :ok:

25th Feb 2015, 10:05
The cleanest women without a doubt are the Filipina - my wife showers at least twice a day,sometimes 3 times when we are home in Scotland. When in Manila she showers even more. She reckons that we westerners do not know how to keep clean. Why on Earth she married me I will never know!😳

25th Feb 2015, 13:10
sometimes 3 times when we are home in Scotland

She's not trying to keep clean. She's trying to keep warm.

25th Feb 2015, 14:37
Fareastdriver - Not everybody does it your way,we just turn the central heating up a bit.

25th Feb 2015, 16:00
Years ago when I was at a tender age, copped off with a lola on the Dock Rd L.pool. She said "give me head" so I head butted her. Happy days.