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david parry
23rd Feb 2015, 10:04

23rd Feb 2015, 10:29
How many wives can you claim for?

david parry
23rd Feb 2015, 10:53
If your income is less than £10,600 in the 2015 to 2016 tax year, you may be able to reduce your husband, wife or civil partnerís tax by up to £212.

23rd Feb 2015, 11:18
Does MarriageAllowance count as income?
Or other way around, will a claim for wife no. 51 be denied?

Curious Pax
23rd Feb 2015, 14:20
Not knowing the restrictions I had a look, and it appears to be a good headline in an election year, with little substance or beneift behind it apart from for a fairly small minority.

23rd Feb 2015, 16:47
Curious Pax - I would question your assertion that this is going to affect only a very small minority. In our own case (both retired) we are in the situation where Mrs TTN's annual pension is below the tax threshold whereas mine is well above it. We'll certainly be taking advantage of this (assuming Ive read it correctly) and I think there will be plenty more like us.

flying lid
23rd Feb 2015, 16:54
Is this tax avoidance or evasion ?


23rd Feb 2015, 19:54

It's legal, even if you both have your State pensions paid into a Swiss bank account. :rolleyes:

We'll certainly take advantage of such a scheme. My income will be my State pension plus my RAF pension, so I will have a small tax liability. Missus's State pension will be well below the tax threshold.

david parry
23rd Feb 2015, 21:58
About 4 million married couples and civil partners born after 6 April 1935 are eligible for the marriage allowance. ;) The marriage allowance will allow a spouse or civil partner with income less than £10,600 to transfer £1,060 of their personal tax-free allowance to their higher-income spouse or partner. As long as the person receiving the transfer doesn’t pay tax at the higher or additional rate (for most people that’s an income of £42,385 or below), couples could see an annual tax reduction of up to £212, or around £17.66 a month.

1st Mar 2015, 21:28
It won't benefit me. Being an ordinary working aircraft engineer I'm classed as one of the super-rich and have to pay the top rate of tax. :rolleyes: