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22nd Feb 2015, 16:15
Chatting with a mate from London about all the nasty goings-on with young scallywags you find today, a remark was made (I forget by whom) that you didn't have any of that sort of trouble when our area was controlled by the fraternities such as, well, lets call them the Piranha Brothers. Much the same in Italy south of Rome: young tearaway lads were either brought into the fold where they did what they were told to do, or were dissuaded*. And I actually heard someone say that in Chicago, Al Capone was a steadying influence on local youth, preferring to run his own affairs without interference by official bodies in investigating free-lancers in his area.

In all of these cases (and probably more) the criminal gangs were a lot better at policing their districts from petty crime than the Authorities ever were, and now they have largely gone** all sorts of nastiness rages uncontrolled.

Any comments ?

* A friend of mine in Frascati who had her car nicked went to see one of her Friends. He explained the thief was obviously unaware of their friendship and that matters would be put in place to ensure he found out within 24 hours. Sadly the car had by then been dismantled and sold at auction, but her Friend did ask one of his associates to procure her a replacement, cheap.

** Largely but not completely. I could post names but my kneecaps are still working and anyway I might need my friends at sometime.

22nd Feb 2015, 16:22
The Tale Of The Piranha Brothers

.....Everyone was terrified of Doug. I've seen grown men pull their own heads off rather than see Doug. Even Dinsdale was frightened of Doug.

He used... sarcasm. He knew all the tricks, dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and... satire. He was vicious.".....

22nd Feb 2015, 16:32
I understand that Las Vegas was safer when the mob ran it.

After an excellent landing etc...

Gertrude the Wombat
22nd Feb 2015, 16:36
A friend of mine in Frascati who had her car nicked went to see one of her Friends.
One of my lads had his bike nicked.

He let it be know that it was his bike that had been nicked, and that he was displeased, but that he wouldn't take it any further if the bike reappeared.

A day or two later someone suggested he take a slightly different route than usual to school. And what a surprise found his bike on the way.

Altoghether more effective than if he'd simply beaten up the perp, and got done for assault, and not even got the bike back. No police (or other grown-ups) involved at all.

22nd Feb 2015, 17:07
Years ago when driving a hot hatch there was a 3rd attempt in as many months to nick it.
Plod suggested bringing it to Fingerprint expert who would see if he could get a match.

Fingerprint copper a real old school copper, I remarked on who had done car on the 2 previous attempts and he said the lad moved in next to a copper and did so much crap just inside the law that copper sold and moved. Saw in paper year later he got done on a stolen motorbike and got 5 yrs for it........... always just a question of time.

Copper also remarked about a guy who has a Ford Capri, 2 litre or something and was his pride and joy. It got nicked and cops unable to find for a week and then it was just a shell. Owner went to see a couple of old school friends in nearest city who came to visit his new home. They basically broke arms and legs of perp with a warning that everything from Capri needs to turn up quickly. 2 days later everything was on guys front lawn.
Cop said ripple effect was wonderful for 3 weeks, no cars were nicked as terrified daylights out of everybody.
Area capri owner lived in became a no go area for car thieves for about a year.

Effluent Man
22nd Feb 2015, 17:36
The Piranha brothers were famous for screwing people's pelvises to cakestands.

22nd Feb 2015, 18:24
Where is Harry "Snapper" Organs when you need him

22nd Feb 2015, 18:33
...and Spiney Norman kept locked up.

22nd Feb 2015, 18:48
......Dinsdale had nailed your head to the floor - done completely without malice you understand, lovely bloke Dinsdale innit.

The Ancient Mariner

22nd Feb 2015, 19:22
Shut that bleedin' door.............Muvver!

22nd Feb 2015, 20:21
Despite using a reputable letting agent I ended up with a scam tenent in a flat I owned in Glasgow. He was able to produce good references because he worked for Morgan Stanley at one of their credit checking offices. The rent was paid for a couple of months then stopped and as the law is heavily weighted against landlords, it was going to be a long process to get him out. We then heard that he had moved out but had handed the keys to his Jamaican boyfriend who was dealing drugs from the flat.
The letting agents mildly redeemed themselves by putting me in touch with an ex policeman who did work "outside the legal framework". If you are familiar with the character, Charles Endell, from the 70s TV series Budgie, he was him writ large.
Two days later I got the keys back and the fee was well worth it as it could have taken over six months plus court costs to go through the official route. I wasn't interested in the methods used, but the tenent eventually got two years for fraud because he had been using his job to get credit cards in the name of others and ran up big bills. His Jamaican boyfriend fell foul of other dealers and I was told that he had been given a very severe "education ", that persuaded him to move elsewhere.
The flat was in a bit of a state, so I had it redecorated and sold it on a few months later to friends whose daughter was starting university there.

22nd Feb 2015, 21:35
......is still there but not as popular as it used to be.

Did you live in the big old house with the ornately flowery old fashioned toilet? Or am I thinking of someone else?

The Ancient Mariner