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21st Feb 2015, 22:23
I remember being @ MAN on a Saturday morning sat down in front of the glass windows in the café area, anything landing on 24 (if a radio wasn't being used by one of us, as it wasn't that day), would suddenly appear at the end of Pier A as it started to RT/Brake, this thing suddenly blocked the sun out and as we all stood up to leg it up to the car to watch the taxi in park she lifted off again and was gone......
I think it would have been about 1982-84. Anybody got a better memory than me and know why she even visited?

Krystal n chips
22nd Feb 2015, 05:18
Your memory has not failed you....:)

The Galaxy in question did indeed do a roller at MAN as indeed it did at several other UK airports on the same day.

I seem to recall the driver was leaving the USAF and decided to take a tour of the UK as his swansong....as you do.

22nd Feb 2015, 11:31
Slight thread drift, but does anybody recall a C-141 or possibly C-5 at MAN in the mid to late 90's?

I have a hazy memory of seeing one depart from a distance, but was never able to verify it. At the time I thought it was more likely a C-141, but I was approx 5 to 10 miles away.

Krystal n chips
22nd Feb 2015, 11:47
Yep, a C-141 did indeed land, stop and depart from MAN in that period

22nd Feb 2015, 12:09
Thanks K & C. Any idea what other airfields the pilot decided to buzz and what the original DEP-ARR was?

Krystal n chips
22nd Feb 2015, 16:27

I think he departed from Mildenhall.....as for the other airfields, I am not sure without consulting "Air Pictorial" from that period.

I did actually see the aircraft on the day and likewise the C-141 also mentioned.

Maybe you should contact the poster on here who edits the history of MAN publications who may be able to help you more than I. Unless "Air Pictorial " from that era is now archived on line of course.

22nd Feb 2015, 18:15
Cheers pal

22nd Feb 2015, 19:27
Yep, a C-141 did indeed land, stop and depart from MAN in that period

Thanks K&C, glad I wasn't just imagining it. You have helped solve a 20 year mystery for me, as I had a hunt around the 'net today and came up with this: 65-0222 (cn 300-6073) Lockheed C-141C Starlifter Photo by Scott Rathbone | AIRFIGHTERS.COM (http://www.airfighters.com/photo/18763/M/USA-Air-Force/Lockheed-C-141C-Starlifter/65-0222/)

Looks like there was a C-141 visit in 1990 as well: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kenfielding/15808487591/in/photostream/

23rd Feb 2015, 00:39
Allegedly a certain controller (a former colleague of mine) asked an overflying Galaxy if he wanted to do a low approach and go around (overshoot in those days) to which the pilot agreed.:D

Unfortunately as it was in the days of CND and GMC had declared the area a nuclear free zone I believe the resulting talking to by the boss was not complemented by tea and biscuits.:\ I dont recall if it was a roller but if it was this might be the incident you were referring to.

23rd Feb 2015, 08:00
Sorry for the thread drift, but, whilst the C5 is an awesome bit of kit, the sight of Concorde executing the IGS to Kai Tak takes some beating, (yes I was there).


PS Maybe a thread "unusual A/C in unusual places"

23rd Feb 2015, 09:08
Regarding the C-5 (00464), the date was Saturday 18th February 1984.

It apparently ''frightened the life of numerous shoppers in Stockport (on the flight-path).

The aircraft was routing from Mildenhall to Prestwick and was operating at a lower cruising level due to a pressurisation problem and because he was low, ATC asked if the pilot was prepared to carry out a radar approach at Manchester, as not only would this help a controller who was training at the time, it would also give them a ‘birds-eye’ view of the mighty C-5!

Reports in the local press afterwards described people as ‘Gazing open-mouthed as the colossal aircraft screamed overhead’. They added that Labour Councillors were said to be furious over the transport plane that “buzzed” Manchester Airport, fearing that the routine ILS approach could have been something more sinister, as it may have been carrying Cruise Missiles.

The aircraft DID NOT perform a touch & go.

23rd Feb 2015, 10:22
Smallonions, GMC did not declare the area a nuclear free zone. It was Manchester City Council that declared the city nuclear free. GMC, due to its remit for emergency planning for the area was actively involved in planning for the event of a nuclear attack including sending many senior officers on government courses. The city did not.

23rd Feb 2015, 19:43
Cheers Mark, when I read the tail 00464 in your report the number flashed up in the old memory bank.
I would have been 10 yo on that day, I used to go to the airport on the 500 bus from Stretford, would I let my 10 yo do that nowadays, nope but I managed back then just fine!