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6th Jun 2002, 12:24
Hi guys.

What is the quickest way to a CPL/IR/MCC via the modular route?


Gin Slinger
6th Jun 2002, 12:35
getting a PPL first;)

Gin Slinger
6th Jun 2002, 12:48
ok...I'm feeling bored reading through my Instruments practice paper for the n-th time...

PPL+Night+IMC+MEP, up to 150 hrs TT in Florida = 8 weeks

ATPL via distance learning = 24 weeks

CPL+IR = 12 weeks

MCC = 2 weeks

Total = 46 weeks. Add frig-factor of 12 weeks for holidays, weather, exam resits, scheduling delays, etc.

Basically the same as any Intregrated course, give or take, coz you're learning the same stuff and mastering the same skills.

Send Clowns
6th Jun 2002, 20:22
Agree with Gin's information, with the advice that if you don't feel up to the distance learning (does not suit everyone, and if you struggle can end up taking longer and being more expensive) the full-time groundschool is around 26-28 weeks, depending on the exact timing of the CAA exam sittings.

CPL/IR can be shortened with the co-operation of your FTO to around 8-10 weeks, weather permitting, as long as you don't mind working hard at it - you fly twice a day where possible and work hard on the ground for the between-flight consolidation and planning.

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