View Full Version : Mr. crun might need some Wellington boots.

21st Feb 2015, 11:27
Super high tide in Weston and North Somerset.

Somerset and South West communities braced for big tidal surge | Western Daily Press (http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Communities-braced-big-tidal-surge/story-26059520-detail/story.html)

21st Feb 2015, 11:37
Would a good view point to watch the super tide from be the pier in Weston-super-Mare?

21st Feb 2015, 12:19
An excellent spot Airship, I wonder if they have a webcam ? I'm going down to Severn Beach in the morning should be interesting.

21st Feb 2015, 13:14
Excellent henry, take some snaps if you can but don't forget to don your Mae West before entering the danger zone, oh and carry a snorkel you never know !?

21st Feb 2015, 13:29
I had noted the projected tide surges that would emanate from the Queensland cyclone, but in truth I had no expectation that they would ever reach that far. Take care up there, and get back to us if you need us to pull the plug down here to mitigate the effects. Need to allow for any coriolis forces that may impact the results.

21st Feb 2015, 13:50
I guess this bristolsurfer was riding the Severn bore this morning. Here's one from January 2015:


PS. Probably a bit cold for Ozzie surfers though...