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21st Feb 2015, 10:25
And that's the way we like it...


Lon More
21st Feb 2015, 11:20
Pity the Italian example wasn't copied; thet'd have had something to sing about :) (My bold)

ROME - Twenty-three Feyenoord fans were arrested in Rome and 19 charged after violence broke out before the Dutch side's Europa League clash with AS Roma on Thursday, prompting an outcry over damage to the city.

Drunk fans damaged buildings and threw bottles at riot police on Wednesday night before hundreds clashed with police at the Spanish Steps on Thursday before the game.

Police fired tear gas and tangled with fans, who left the square's Baroque fountain full of empty beer bottles.

"Rome has been violated today," local government councillor Paolo Masini said in a statement, describing tourists holed up in hotels and nearby windows shuttered. "This is pure and simple hooliganism."

Italian police said they arrested six Dutch nationals on Wednesday night and confiscated truncheons and broken bottles. Judicial sources said a further 17 people were arrested on Thursday, and magistrates will deal with the four not yet charged next week.

Livio Ricciardelli, a member of the city government, said Feyenoord should make a public apology and pay for the damage caused to the city by its fans, adding that repairs would be costly.

The Dutch embassy in Rome said in a statement that there was "no place for violence in football" and that it would cooperate with Italian authorities to punish the perpetrators.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said during a television interview that he appreciated the embassy's message about the events, and would take the issue to European football authorities, calling it "an insult to civilised society."

"Tomorrow we will check how it worked, if we made any mistakes, on the understanding that these hooligans are evidently responsible," Renzi said in response to a question about the incidents on state news channel RAI2.

Most of the charges against fans are for resisting arrest, judicial sources said, adding that the first eight charged were given six months' jail time, or they can pay a 45,000-euro ($51,144) fine.

Rome's public works department said staff had been sent to empty and clean the Barcaccia fountain, a boat carved out of travertine stone that nestles in an oval pool at the foot of the Spanish Steps.

Technicians will now assess what damage has been done to the recently restored fountain, which was designed by Italian artists Pietro and Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Around 6,500 Feyenoord supporters were expected to attend the match at the Stadio Olimpico.

21st Feb 2015, 16:10
The whole rest of the world thinks the British are a wonderful race.
Well many of the people on this island think so :ugh:

We don't want Johnny Foreigner here to lower our standards do we?

Bloody disgraceful behaviour and we can't even blame the immigrants. It's actually what a lot of British people are like. :ooh:

Krystal n chips
21st Feb 2015, 16:52
Ho hum, now there's an "unfortunate coincidence "

Smile for the camera.....

Chelsea fan in Paris Métro video posed in picture with Nigel Farage | Politics | The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/feb/19/chelsea-fan-in-paris-metro-video-posed-in-picture-with-nigel-farage)

21st Feb 2015, 18:09
And I suppose the association must be significant? Any person who attends the Queen's garden party and is later jailed for a criminal offence must implicate the Queen? Nonsense.

21st Feb 2015, 19:34
"It's actually what a lot of British people are like"

The irony!!!

21st Feb 2015, 22:03
If you think that the British are all middle class, law abiding, gentlemen (or gentlewomen) then you are blinkered.

Some are of course (including all the posters on here) but there are a lot of variations around believe me.

I take no pride in my fellow British.

Say again s l o w l y
22nd Feb 2015, 01:28
How dare you describe me as middle class...

My second will be around to your abode at first light. I have already chosen a sabre as the tool I will use to dispatch you.

22nd Feb 2015, 07:16
"We are watching you White B*****d".
Mother targeted by threatening notes and racist graffiti after moving into new flat in block she was told was is for "black sisters and brothers".
The note said," Willenhall is black so f**k off"! The local housing association said that it had happened before and would now re-house her.
Perhaps 'Airship' would care to open a blog about this.... and then the rest of the holier than thou can comment about it.

22nd Feb 2015, 12:01
Interesting, bosnich.

An elderly relative of mine has lived in a certain area of Sydney all her life.
She's always gotten on well with the 'new arrivals'.
Lately, though, she's been subjected to unwelcome letterbox drops, graffiti and more.

Welcome to Australia, you lovely people - I'll just move my aunt to make way for you.
And, yes, the police are 'looking into it'.

I often wonder what planet 'Airhead' lives on.

Metro man
22nd Feb 2015, 22:35
Football hooligans, Alf Garnett had the right idea, birch the lot them.:E

Whilst the incident is totally unacceptable it has been blown out of proportion. A similar incident, with the races of those involved reversed, would never have received this level of coverage.

galaxy flyer
22nd Feb 2015, 23:29
Perhaps, it's a good thing the authorities don't let you lot possess firearms. Then again, carrying guns might make your hooligans think twice before acting out their hooliganism.

It's proof "an armed society is a polite society".


23rd Feb 2015, 00:03
Stan .... the alarming thing about the whole business in Coventry was that the housing association 'moved' the white mother ..... and there was I thinking ,and being told, that there were no "No Go areas" in Britain.

Krystal n chips
23rd Feb 2015, 05:55
" and there was I thinking ,and being told, that there were no "No Go areas" in Britain."

Well done for thinking, always a positive start, but then, sadly, the process seems to have stalled.

There are no "no go" areas in the UK. There are areas where you won't be made entirely welcome however.....notably those elitist gated communities, the more affluent locations, the more rural areas, all of which have long established "insularity " within them.

Have you thought about applying for a position with Fox News at all ?

23rd Feb 2015, 08:00
Krystal ......... Cobblers, and that's being polite.
Have you ever thought about getting your brain engaged.

23rd Feb 2015, 08:09
West Ham fans get a dig in......



Metro man
23rd Feb 2015, 08:17
There are no "no go" areas in the UK.

Brixton, Toxteth, Moss Side I believe are still part of the UK.

Most other cities would have a least one council estate you would be lucky to walk through unscathed.

24th Feb 2015, 20:18
Stanwell wrote: I often wonder what planet 'Airhead' lives on. It's a shame that it wasn't bosnich71 who wrote that. You're both so much on the same wave-length. Otherwise I would have been able to write "Same planet as Mr. BO / Snitch and yourself, so far as I'm aware", also descending to "not playing the ball". As it were. :rolleyes:

I'm not sure what "got your goats". You probably didn't read the thread's title "Made in UK - 2015 Award For Export Achievement." Before rapidly hijacking it for your own somewhat (nefarious if you ask me) purposes. :confused:

Whatever, back to the "export achievement". According to the BBC here (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-31575913), the man in the centre of the photo below showing 3 men, is identified as Mr. Richard Barklie. In a statement communicated by his solicitor, he denied being a racist, but "had been involved in an "incident" in which a man - identified as Souleymane S - was "unable to enter part of the train":


If you look at the youtube video I posted in the OP more closely, you will see someone who looks a lot like Mr. Richard Barklie:

at 00:20 / 1:05 - shoving the Frenchman off the train once
at 00:32 / 1:05 - shoving him off a 2nd time
you can get a better picture of Mr. RB at 00:44 / 1:05

You'll all have to decide for yourselves. But the statement through his solicitor that he "had not taken part in racist singing and "condemns any behaviour supporting that" rings a little hollow IMHO...?! So that's what ex. RUC officers and/or those currently employed by human rights organisations get upto "when in a foreign country"...

25th Feb 2015, 05:07
Airship .... Unlike yourself I won't sink to silly primary school name calling but I will ask again, given that you seem to have a problem with British racism, if you would care to comment on the problem the lady had in Willenhall.

25th Feb 2015, 05:09
Krystal I believe that Metro Man may have a point.

Krystal n chips
25th Feb 2015, 06:07
" Krystal I believe that Metro Man may have a point"

Oh indeed he does, and as a fellow like minded individual I can understand your empathy here.

He is perfectly correct when he states the locations are indeed in the UK...10/10 for being able to read a map therefore.

Unfortunately, and I know this may prove somewhat incomprehensible for both of you, non of these locations are "no go areas" .

If you are talking about Manchester for example, then Longsight, Harpurhey, and Gorton would be far more "interesting" than Moss Side for example.

Just out of interest therefore, when were either of the pair of you last in any of the locations named ?

26th Feb 2015, 04:45
Krystal.....more to the point have you been in any of them lately and if you have did you wear a stab vest and get yourself accompanied by two burly Coppers when you visited as did that Labour lady a few years back who also was in denial?
Meanwhile I await your comments on the 'non no go area' that the lady in Willenhall found herself last week.

Krystal n chips
26th Feb 2015, 05:30
Krystal.....more to the point have you been in any of them lately and if you have did you wear a stab vest and get yourself accompanied by two burly Coppers when you visited as did that Labour lady a few years back who also was in denial?
Meanwhile I await your comments on the 'non no go area' that the lady in Willenhall found herself last week.

Ever courteous, me that is, you won't, I am sure, mind me saying you appear to have some form of OCD regarding "no go areas" in the UK.

Or, possibly, you have been reading the Daily Mail.

To answer your questions therefore.

Yes, I have been to all the areas named many times over the years.
No, I did not feel the need to be attired as you suggest. Why should I?

If it's any consolation however, as I have said before, I was once mugged in the centre of Brixton, at about 14.00 hrs, by an individual who produced a rather unsterile looking needle and asked for.......£2.

Not being a former US Rayenger sir !..or US law enforcement person, I declined to body slam the perp followed by a double tap to the body mass ( this description is purely for the gung ho armchair warriors on here you understand ) and happily parted with the £2.

Both the lady I was with, and myself, were quite bemused as to the amount demanded actually.

As for Willenhall, I can't comment because so far, there has been no evidence or reports to substantiate your own statement.

26th Feb 2015, 06:10
Krystal..... " as for Willenhall I can't comment because so far, there as been no evidence or reports to substantiate your own statement".
There have been reports in newspapers in U.K. about the events in Willenhall perhaps you need to open both of your eyes to find them. I don't think that they will found in the Guardian though.

28th Feb 2015, 16:58
bosnich71, it's beyond my remit to comment on Willenhall and would widen the subject too far. There are currently plenty of other anti-immigrant / anti-Muslim threads here on JB perhaps better suited for your purposes. Anyway, Paris is closer to me geographically.

And I'm not trying to demonise football fans or Brits generally. Or these Chelsea "fans" in particular. I'm fully aware (something the Frenchman appeared to be blissfully ignorant of at the time), that they could so easily have reacted much more violently in the face of such defiance. Had they chosen to do so. In fact they displayed what some might call a measure of self-restraint. Which I congratulate them for. They just got back to singing, chanting or at least vocally-expressing their presence. It didn't matter that they weren't Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolverhampton_Wanderers_F.C.) supporters. Much like real wolves, announcing their prescence to all within hearing, reinforcing the pack's solidarity when in strange territory...?!

As John Denver once put it, we do need to preserve wildness and nature. If the Russians (or most likely the Germans) ever seriously threaten Britain's shores, we'll all be glad that somewhat over-exuberant football "fans" still form part of the islands' natural stock. Keen for a bit of 'hand to hand' combat. :ok:

PS. I was somewhat disappointed by Chelsea's official invitation to the Frenchman to "come over and attend a match in the UK as their guest". If Chelsea was seriously upset about it all, I'm sure that they could do much better. The Frenchman probably doesn't even like football very much. Roman Abromovich might do better to invite the whole family for a 2 week cruise aboard the Eclipse or one of his many other superyachts instead:


OOOOPS! No offence intended, but it appears that the Eclipse has already been eclipsed (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2392892/Roman-Abramovich-loses-worlds-biggest-yacht-owner-title-Emirati-royals-390m-590ft-super-yacht.html)...

28th Feb 2015, 22:58
Airship .... " there are currently plenty of other anti immigrant/anti Muslim threads here on JB perhaps better suited for your purposes".
So I suggest that you comment on a certain racist act in Willenhall and that makes me a racist ?

Krystal n chips
2nd Mar 2015, 03:44
As you do when a train is full.....it's now common practice for passengers to prevent others from boarding in this manner is it ?

BBC News - Chelsea fan Richard Barklie: Paris train 'was too full' (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-31677122)