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19th Feb 2015, 21:39
A claim/loss adjusters nightmare

BBC News - Driver causes ten-vehicle collision in Wisconsin car park (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-31500189)

19th Feb 2015, 21:51
A claim/loss adjusters nightmare.
Not really - just one party responsible.

I do wonder if the driver was 'impaired' (as they kept going).

Maybe the insurance company will walk away?

19th Feb 2015, 21:56
Not really - just one party responsible.

Really, thought I saw at least one car that was dinked rolling away freely to dink another car, possibly implying no handbrake engaged and did the red pick up in the final crash pull out in front of the mad person causing them to swerve to avoid.........

19th Feb 2015, 22:08
the Piggly Wiggly parking lot

Say's it all really. :ok:

19th Feb 2015, 22:08
I think the owners, ( or their insurance companies), of the stationery vehicles can claim against the errant driver, IF HE IS INSURED! Otherwise they claim from their own insurance and may or may not lose any no-claim bonus they have, (it is 'no claim', not 'no blame'). It will also depend on whether or not they have a comprehensive policy. The moving vehicles may not be so lucky, 'just a collision in a car park, each insurer pays their own', but a police report could change all that.

As G-CPTN says, the driver who caused it all may be impaired, medically and known to his/her insurance company, or sudden onset, (heart attack), then OK, if it is through drink or drugs, (or an undeclared but known medical condition), then the insurance company of the 'baddy' will probably walk away from a pay out to him/her but may have third party liability to the innocent vehicles, again, a police report will help.

19th Feb 2015, 22:33
The driver is 91 years old and claimed that his foot got stuck down on the accelerator.

For what that's worth. From what my wife read on this incidence, the 91 year old was insured, but the now the police say that the driver will have to undergo retesting before he can drive again.

Or he can do what my old Aunt Agnes did and just keep driving anyway. The police finally took her car away from her, much to the vast relief of the family.