View Full Version : Book Review: The Navigation Log by Martin Corrick

You want it when?
6th Jun 2002, 07:42
Borrow this one form the library, don't bother paying for it.

It deals with the lives of two twins born in 1918 - one of them ends up a school teacher who goes on a pilgrimage at the start of the 2nd worked war and the other who becomes a Spitfire pilot

Over all the plot idea is a good one, but the characters are pretty weak and not well defined. A lot of issues / segments are not closed off - so some of the plot / story just stops with no explanation. It's the chaps first novel and written with the help of his "writing group" - but fair credit it's probably better than I could do, but not worth 14.

And BTW the flying stuff is not very good either.

All IMHO of course.