View Full Version : Are you going to do anything for Lent?

17th Feb 2015, 18:09
Pancake Day today (Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, whatever you want to call it) - yum, yum!

That means Lent starts tomorrow. Now I'm not a practising Christian any more, so I don't feel any religious obligation to mark this period, but I have a feeling that a period of abstinence, be it from some types of food, alcohol, smoking or whatever, is probably a good thing, both from a health point of view, and for the pleasure of going back to whatever you gave up when Lent is over. In my case I dont smoke anyway, and drink so little that giving up alcohol would be no hardship, so its going to have to be a favourite food. Not looking forward to that!

So are any of you planning to either give something up for Lent, or maybe take something up (like a five mile run before breakfast)? Be interesting to here if anyone even bothers any more.

17th Feb 2015, 18:12
Giving up beer for sure, probably wine as well.
Peanut butter and cheese also on the banned list for Lent. :bored:

17th Feb 2015, 18:13
Chinese New Year !

Food, booze, chicks (ok, now I'm dreaming)

17th Feb 2015, 18:19

Giving up beer for sure, probably wine as well.

Same here. Giving up beer for Lent. Which starts tomorrow. I'll take it back up the day after, Thursday. :ok:

17th Feb 2015, 18:22
Have a real sweet tooth and as tend to work away from home at moment then have been eating more chocolate / junk food..................... all gone from tomorrow so I can have a svelte figure that somehow disappeared when Lady T was in charge (of country that is,not me)........:ugh:, yup its been that long :(.

OTOH Mate's wife has said that Iceland introducing new range of Slimming World products which she has tasted and reckons they the bees knees.
Initially dubious but as said lady is an excellent cook and nutritionist (hence visits at dinner time always good :) )but she has often overindulged hence SW then reckon will try some of them..............syn free apparently.

17th Feb 2015, 19:11
Tapioca pudding and religion!
Wasn't that a B side to a single by Depeche Mode? :confused:

Rwy in Sight
17th Feb 2015, 20:37
Yesterday I completed a month without alcohol and I don't particularly care to have a drink before Thursday. I do intend to follow for at least one day the (very) strict Lent regime of the the orthodox church. Unfortunately I like cheese to much to do give it up.

Rwy in Sight

18th Feb 2015, 00:26
You were hoping for some pious responses, weren't you?
Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to give up for Lent (and probably longer).

I'm giving up treating certain fools and [email protected] as if they are actually valued members of our clientele.

p.s. Yes, it's going to hurt for a while but I'm sure I can do it.

18th Feb 2015, 00:41
Okay, it will be a struggle for me and I don't know if I have the mental inner strength to do this, but after much thought, I have decided to give up,,,,,,,

Brusselís Sprouts.

Yes, yes I know, but I will try my best. :\

18th Feb 2015, 00:42
Lend it!

18th Feb 2015, 07:59
Rwy in Sight - well done on getting through the month!

I've been pondering about this. I can't bear to give up booze for 6 weeks, and I don't care enough about chocolate/sweets for it to hurt, so I'm kind of out of ideas.

I think I prefer the notion of taking something up - preferably something that benefits others in some way.

18th Feb 2015, 08:45
I will be giving up all forms of tolerance and understanding.
Might go into politics...................

18th Feb 2015, 09:01
I think I'm giving up money... whether I want to or not!

Ballywalter Flyer
18th Feb 2015, 09:14
Salad, going to give up Salad
Wanted to give up work, but the boss said NO!!

18th Feb 2015, 09:37
Abstinence, of any type.

18th Feb 2015, 10:00
I was toying with the idea of moderation.

Edit: giving it up for lent, that is.

18th Feb 2015, 10:28
Sorry to see quite a few have missed my point (no I wasn't hoping for pious responses, Stanwell) . As I said, I'm not religious at all, but I still think there is merit in a period of deprivation, either from a physical health point of view or for the increased appreciation of whatever you've abstained from once you return to it.

No reason why this should necessarily be in Lent, but then again, as just about 100% of atheists in this country celebrate Christmas, the same principle could apply to the observation of Lent.

Con-pilot - to keep in the spirit of mortification of the flesh you should be eating Brussels sprouts every day for the next 40 days - not giving them up. Think of the relief when you sit down to dinner on Easter Sunday, sans sprouts!

18th Feb 2015, 10:34
If Con-pilot eats sprouts every day, he'll find relief EVERY time he sits down!

I have a senior colleague who gives up alcohol for Lent, but only on weekdays. :rolleyes:

keyboard flier
18th Feb 2015, 10:59
I've decided to give up broad beans, celery, sweetcorn and marmite.

And after a comment to my wife last night, apparently I've given up sex too :{

wings folded
18th Feb 2015, 11:01
I'll do something for Lent when Lent does something for me :E

18th Feb 2015, 13:29
This talk of giving up alcohol for Lent has me perplexed. Why would someone want to do something like that, FFS? I'd rather shoot myself. :ok:

For Lent I'm giving up sex. No sex for 40 days and 40 nights. I told this to the Mrs. She laughed in my face. :confused:

18th Feb 2015, 14:21
rgb, You mean she said "Just 40? In your dreams!" :p

Just a thought. Are we married to the same woman?

18th Feb 2015, 14:36
Are you going to do anything for Lent?

No. . . :)

18th Feb 2015, 14:38
I gave up drinking and smoking once, it was the worst twenty minutes of my life.

18th Feb 2015, 14:43

Nope, don't think we're married to the same woman but I get your gist!!!!! :}:}:}

18th Feb 2015, 17:47
Okay, it will be a struggle for me and I don't know if I have the mental
inner strength to do this, but after much thought, I have decided to give
Brusselís Sprouts.
Yes, yes I know, but I will try my best. :\

Ignore other replies CP, just do it. Your family will thank you.

19th Feb 2015, 09:02
Hippo wrestling, but will someone tell him please.

Our old vicar always used to say that you should take on something extra. So, I will try to drink more.

19th Feb 2015, 09:19
Our old vicar always used to say that you should take on something extra. So, I will try to drink more. A man after me own heart. Unfortunately, the system will only tolerate a small amount of booze these days, so 'twould be a real penance.


Espada III
21st Feb 2015, 22:55
At the beginning of the year I gave up eating carbohydrates for six days each week. Initially difficult but now a way of life I have lost about 7 kilos, my wife says I no longer snore and trousers are more comfortable.

Not being Christian I have no thoughts about Lent for me, but going without something for a period can be life enhancing as well.