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15th Feb 2015, 21:01
Baby P's mum Tracey Connelly has been sent back to prison after she was apparently discovered trying to sell pornographic images of herself to perverts obsessed with her notoriety.
The 34-year-old was released on licence in October 2013 after serving five years behind bars for allowing her 17-month-old son to be tortured to death.Mother of Baby P sent back to prison 'for trying to sell pornographic images of herself' - Crime - News - London Evening Standard (http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/mother-of-baby-p-sent-back-to-prison-for-trying-to-sell-pornographic-images-of-herself-10047352.html)

Personally, I think the people buying the photographs should be the ones sent to jail.


15th Feb 2015, 22:58
Photographs for dog lovers?

That looks like one sick puppy.... :eek:

Ascend Charlie
16th Feb 2015, 00:57
She got that face from chasing parked cars!:yuk:

16th Feb 2015, 06:16
When she was a child, her mother called it "puppy love."

Her Doctor called it "An unhealthy attraction to animals."

Noah Zark.
17th Feb 2015, 00:52

17th Feb 2015, 04:15
Sorry but the OP's picture of Tracey Connelly looks like some long haired guy. Is there a mixup somewhere or is that what she actually looks like? :eek: